We Are Social go Mad for Max

19 May 2015

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We Are Social tap YouTube creators to generate buzz for Mad Max.

We Are Social has teamed up with key YouTube content creators Mighty Car Mods (MCM) to help generate 2.2 million views for Roadshow Films, seeking to promote Mad Max.

The social agency got in touch with the team and came up with a four-part series designing a post-apocalyptic machine, with the team getting input from its social media followers at every step of the way.

According to We Are Social, tens of thousands of fans suggested ideas for the build, and shared content.

We Are Social said this was achieved without any paid media support.

“We knew that our audience were strong automotive fans and by tapping into their opinionated social behaviour we were able bring the post apocalyptic world of Mad Max: Fury Road into popular culture via an epic interactive car build with the MCM boys,” senior account director at We Are Social Colin Fairley said.

The team at MCM was also pleased at how the series turned out.

“The Mod Max build has been one of the most successful series we’ve ever done. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world hanging out each week for the next instalment, adding comments, making memes and sharing the videos. The whole thing has been incredible” according to “Moog” of Mighty Car Mods.


We Are Social:
Creative Director: Oz Dean
Strategy Director: Luke Ryan
Senior Account Director: Colin Fairley
Account Manager: Tom Neal
Senior Research and Insights analyst: Dhanuj Selvaraj
Designer: Ray Phan

Deputy Director of Marketing: Rob Moore

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