Visit California's 'Let's Play'

5 March 2024

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Its first brand campaign to run in Australia since the pandemic.

California is inviting visitors around the world to escape to the Ultimate Playground, where an abundance of adventures and experiences give travellers permission to play their own way – on a hike, on a road trip or simply relaxing on a beach or tasting wine.

The 'Let’s Play' global campaign represents the first brand evolution for the state in more than a decade to inspire domestic and international travellers to visit California.

As people yearn to escape modern-day stressors more than ever, consumers naturally gravitate to California’s fun and free-spiritedness as a vacation destination.

Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California, says California’s playful lifestyle, paired with its abundance of experiences, creates something no other destination can claim – California is the ultimate playground. 

“The power of play is scientifically proven, and majorities of every generation aren’t satisfied with the amount of time they spend playing. It’s time for that to change," she says.

Research from Visit California and decades of scholarly works provide a strong foundation for a playful brand identity. More than 85% of consumers across six global markets, including Australia, agree it is important to incorporate play into their lives, and 43% said that vacation “is the only time I have to really let go and play,” according to Visit California’s consumer research.

Beteta says travel is a time and place that gives people permission to embrace play, and California offers every visitor an opportunity to play in a way that speaks to them.

“Vacation can be an excellent time to rekindle joy, rediscover how to play and then take that playful spirit home as a souvenir," she says.

The 'Let’s Play' is a 30-second television spot capturing the simple joys of playing in California. The three-month, $32.8 million integrated campaign will air across the United States, Canada, Mexico, U.K., Australia and China. This is Visit California’s first brand campaign to run in Australia since the pandemic.

A new section on features a quiz for travellers to identify their “play style” and connects visitors to regions of California and activities that align with each style.

According to NIFP, the eight play styles – Collector, Competitor, Creator, Director, Comedian, Explorer, Mover and Storyteller – begin emerging at infancy. They are grounded in decades of research, as is the idea that play is an inherent human need within everyone.

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