Victoria's Fire Safety campaign via VML

14 February 2024

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Encouraging all to be better prepared and leave early this fire season.

The Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS) has partnered with VML to launch a public service campaign encouraging all Victorians to be better prepared and leave early this fire season.

Recent rainfall across some parts of the state has resulted in a reduced bushfire risk due to the significant moisture and regrowth, however, Victorians – even those living on the urban fringe – need to be prepared for the risks of grassfires and bushfires.

Each commercial shows the unpredictability and dangers of fire, including smoke disorientation, sudden wind change affecting fire direction, and being overrun by flames when staying to defend property.

Each video also highlights the risks that can be avoided if Victorians have a fire plan ready, and leave early on Extreme or Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating days.

Directed by Rune Milton with production house AirBag, the result is visually realistic storytelling that stops people in their tracks, with natural performances that remind us of the loved ones we need to stay safe for.

The dynamic approach connects with potentially affected Victorians through social, digital, digital audio, radio, press and OOH, TVCs and OLVs, throughout the fire season.

As part of this year’s updated program, Victorians also have access to a digital tool to help them with bushfire planning, preparation and readiness.

For the first time in Victoria, users can create a fire plan online, customised to their needs and shareable with friends and family. The tool also contains information for travellers and those living on the urban fringe at risk of grass fire.

Rose Suys, client service director at VML, says this campaign is vital for the safety of all Victorians and comes with great responsibility.

"The Department of Justice and Community Safety team have been brilliant partners throughout the development of this work, and we hope this is a step towards a future where fire preparedness becomes second nature to all Victorians," she says.

Stephanie Gwee, creative director at VML, says authenticity is at the heart of this campaign, with many of the crew having had personal experiences with bushfires.

"We wanted the work to show the realistic horrors of fire, yet provide a simple solution to prevent all that from happening," says Gwee.

"The honest and oftentimes heart wrenching conversations we’ve had with people made it as human and emotive and grounding as it could be."



Client: Victoria Government, Department of Justice and Community Safety

Executive Director: David Stockman

Senior Manager, Campaigns: Michelle M Windsor

Senior Adviser, Campaigns: Jenny Vu & Brianna Kerin

Adviser, Campaigns: Alister Mew


Agency: VML Australia

Chief Creative Officer: João Braga

National ECD: Stu Turner

Creative Director: Stephanie Gwee, Iain MacMillan

Associate Creative Director: Lachlan Newham, Jack Elliot

Chief Strategy Officer: Melanie Wiese

Strategic Planner: Connie Watters

Client Service Director: Rose Suys

Account Director: Anna Parker

Account Manager: Annabelle Sheridan, Lauren Miles

Senior Producer: Luisa Peters, Emma Donaldson, Miryana Velyanovski

FA Artist: James Ayling, Sarah Cameron


Film Production Company: AirBag

Film Director: Rune Milton

Executive Producer: Martin Box

Sound Production: Chemistry

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