UNSW unveils ‘progress for all’ with Howatson+Company

5 July 2024

Creative Agency: Howatson+Company

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Developed through an evidence-based approach to clarify what is central to the university and the impact it has in the world. 

UNSW Sydney in collaboration with Howatson+Company has launched a new brand platform, ‘progress for all’. 

The brand platform centres on the idea of Collective Progress, driven by hearts (pursuing a just future), hands (delivering practical and entrepreneurial solutions), and minds (technical minds that pushing boundaries).   

The platform was developed through an evidence-based and collaborative approach to clarify what is central to the university and the impact it has in the world. 

“Progress for all is bigger than a recruitment idea, it’s a holistic expression of the culture and ambition that runs deeply through the diversity of influence at UNSW," UNSW executive director marketing & digital experience Sofia Lloyd-Jones said.

In an age of doomscrolling and a relentlessly negative news cycle, UNSW wanted to deliver a message of hope: one that recognises the many challenges in the world, but also the progress people are making to address them.  

The campaign was developed to not showcase different disciplines in isolation, but rather, how they come together at UNSW to make a difference in the world.  

With executions focused on sustainability, health care and Indigenous equality, the campaign details real examples of how leaders from an array of UNSW’s faculties, from architecture and engineering to philosophy and visual arts, collaborate to make true progress for all.  

Howatson+Company has also been working with UNSW on media strategy and trading with a remit across Australia and Asia Pacific. 

A full funnel media strategy was developed to effectively prime potential students, whether they are finishing school or exploring postgraduate studies, and to choose UNSW.

Through data-led lower funnel strategy, the agency can more effectively and efficiently drive student recruitment and invest more in brand activity that communicates UNSW’s difference.




Client: UNSW Sydney 

Executive Director, Marketing & Digital Experience: Sofia Lloyd Jones 

Head of Future Students Marketing & Content:  Miki O’Farrell  

Strategic Marketing Consultant:  Livia McKenzie  


Agency: Howatson+Company  

Founder/CEO: Chris Howatson  

Executive Creative Directors: Jermey Hogg & Richard Shaw  

Senior Copywriter: Ernie Ciaschetti 

Senior Art Director: Dan Smith 

Senior Producer: Caitlin Perz 

Planning Director: Georgia Pritchard 

Client Partner: Sophie Sykes 

Senior Business Director: Lisa Zimpel 

Associate Design Director: Jo Cao 

Studio Lead + Retoucher: Simon Merrifield  

Finished Artist: Patrick Rivera  

Chief Media Officer: Sasha Smith 

Media Directors: James Frith, Anthony Damiano and Jamie Nelson 

Media Managers: Rajat Sheth, Jeffy Thomas, Shannen Ciar 

Media Executive: Nicky Ta 


Production Company: Collider  

Director: Versus 

EP:  Rachael Ford-Davies 

Producer: Annie Schutt 

DP: Tyson Perkins 

Editor: Sean McDermott 

Production Designer: Loretta Cosgrove  


Casting: Byrne Casting 


Post Production: Collider

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