Tourism Tasmania's latest installment of 'Come Down For Air' via BMF

24 October 2023

Creative Agency: BMF
Media Agency: Starcom

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A meaningful invitation for Australians to find their own space and calm in Tasmania.

Come Down For Air is a meaningful invitation for Australians to find their own space and calm in Tasmania.

The latest iteration of the campaign by Tourism Tasmania, and delivered in partnership with BMF, Starcom and Orchard, injects a uniquely Tasmanian perspective into busy urban life on the "mainland".

The fourth version of the long-standing campaign strives again to deliver "air" to audiences more effectively and in more places, building a deeper emotional connection.

The media buy combines strategic partnerships with dynamic ad placements contextualising Tasmania’s unique brand offering.

Sarah Clark, CEO of Tourism Tasmania, said vast natural landscapes sit alongside top-notch arts, culture, and culinary experiences in Tasmania.

"By leveraging this Tasmanian experience, we want people to realise they can find their own ‘air’ on a holiday in Tasmania - whether that includes stargazing, cheese tasting or mountain hiking," she said.

"The brief to the agencies was to ensure the campaign builds the brand’s storytelling, representing Tasmania’s nature, wildlife, history, heritage, food drink, arts, culture and people."

Mina Savjak, business director at Starcom, said the role of paid media was to contextualise the different aspects of "Air" for consumers and deepen the emotional connection with Tasmania through cultural immersion.

"This year we engaged two new partners, The Guardian and ARN/iHeart’s The Imperfects, both well versed in driving cultural discourse, to tap into relevant moments," said Savjak.

"A bespoke podcast episode, filmed in Tasmania’s open air as well as immersive video and written and social content will showcase not only what Tasmania has to offer over the summer months but what it stands for as a brand when it comes to making a positive impact.

"This robust content plan is supported by contextual OOH placements and impactful dynamic executions that will bring to life the different aspects of Tasmanian “air” at times when consumers will be most receptive: travelling on busy traffic arterials, crowded train stations, inside gyms and office buildings."

Rees Steel, creative director at BMF, said Tasmania’s beauty and irreverence are always a welcome breath of air, but as the year comes to a chaotic end, it feels like mainlanders have really earned a reprieve.

"We’re looking forward to showing up in new places with ‘Come Down For Air’ and helping everyone to unclench just a little. Maybe even with a cold glass of something," said Steel.

The campaign is further supported through personalised website experiences and retargeting strategy on paid and owned channels, delivered by Orchard Marketing.

Mikaela Crimmins, chief strategy officer at Orchard, said the agency wanted the digital experience to show people what they love based on their interests and where they've been.

"From the first click, you'll get a taste of Tassie's charm and the ability to effortlessly explore - holiday planning should be stress free after all and that's what we're aiming for, a moment to catch your breath and seamlessly move from dreaming to doing," she said.

"This is all powered by content intelligence, ensuring that our campaign not only captivates potential travellers but converts them into on-the-ground travellers too, and return visitors, if we’re lucky!"

The latest campaign runs in Australian markets from October 23, 2023, to March 31, 2024.

The Come Down For Air brand platform was first launched in 2019 and has been instrumental in setting Tasmania apart in destination marketing.


Client: Tourism Tasmania

Creative agency: BMF

Media agency: Starcom

Digital agency: Orchard Marketing

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