Tooheys goes full skate in ‘For The Workers’ via Monster Children Creative

21 December 2023

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The historic Tooheys Lidcombe Brewery.

Tooheys has joined forces with Australian skate brand Pass~Port to create a staff only jacket for the brewery workers of the western Sydney institution.

Designed to celebrate the brand’s brewers past and present, famed for filling schooners consumed across Australia since 1869, the collaboration was conceived by Monster Children Creative.

Limited to 350, the reversible jacket features a side that follows worksite high-vis safety requirements, and on the other, a stylish but rugged canvas ideal for the pub post-shift.

As part of the two brands coming together, Tooheys lets Pass~Port loose in the historic Tooheys Lidcombe Brewery.

The campaign rolls out this week. 

Head of Beer – Core - Chris Allan 
Strategic Partnerships - Andie Tickner 
Head of Design - Mick Boston
Brand Communications Leader - Sophie Breheny 
Marketing Manager - Aymin Diab
Marketing Manager (on maternity leave) - Katharina Basley 
Brand Manager - Roisin Oates 
Connections Planner - Jess Dawes 
Digital Strategist – David Scheepers
Media manager – Carol Kearney
Pass~Port Founder & Creative Director - Trent Evans 
Writers - John Cruckshank, Matt Cresswell, Luke Smith
Project Team - John Green, Sammy Thornton,  Harry Green, Sunny Liden
Skaters - John Cruckshank, Adelaide Norris, Callum Paul, Mikey Mieruszynski
Creative & Collaboration Management - Monster Children Creative 
Project Director - Kieran Burke 
Creative Director - Matt Pike 
Production - Monster Children Films
Producer - Brescia Jordan 
Director - Luke Smith 
DOP - Matt Cresswell 
Editor - Myles McAlister 
Stills Photography - Sam Coady 
Grade - Greta Van Oyen 
Audio - Electric Sheep

Earned – Thinkerbell
Francesca Di Stefano – Lead Earned Thinker
UM – media Agency
Ellie Graham – Senior Client Director
Ryan McIntosh – Performance Manager

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