TikTok pushes out anti-bullying message with #SoAmI challenge

2 May 2019

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The video platform is partnering with singer and songwriter Ava Platform to promotes a message of inclusivity and acceptance.

TikTok is collaborating with American singer and songwriter Ava Max to champion anti-bullying messages through its #SoAmI challenge.

The challenge encourages users to create their own video on TikTok to celebrate the launch of Ava Max's new song 'So Am I' which promotes a message of inclusivity and acceptance.

"So Am I is about being confident in who you are & rising above the negativity," Max says.

"I’m so excited about sharing this TikTok challenge with the world."

Through the use of a specially created filter for the challenge, TikTok users can interactively swipe away negative thoughts and comments through gestures while singing along to 'So Am I'.

An event held at Sugar Republic Melbourne on Thursday 2 May will see 30 winners from those who participated in the challenge be picked to watch Ava Max perform live.


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