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10 September 2021

Creative Agency: The Works Sydney
Media Agency: Slingshot Media

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Reminding Australians how important getting vaccinated is, so businesses can start to operate again.

Business Australia released an advertising campaign encouraging Australians to get their COVID-19 vaccine, so businesses can open and start trading again.

The ad, released through audio and video channels, features a dramatic rendition of Irving Berlin’s 1946 There’s No Business Like Show Business to the backdrop of empty businesses from a variety of industries – highlighting the devastating effect that the pandemic and lockdowns have had on businesses and jobs.

Business Australia General Manager, Content and Acquisition, Genevieve Brock said thousands of small and medium businesses have already permanently closed their doors across the country in the last 18 months.

“We predict there will be many more that will close, or struggle to stay afloat in the coming months,” said Ms Brock.

“The key goal of this campaign is to remind Australians how important getting vaccinated is, so businesses can start to operate again.”

“The focus is not only on the impact that rolling lockdowns are having on business owners, but also the downstream impact on the economy and employment.”

“We are trying to highlight the benefits of Australians getting vaccinated to business owners, their employees and the wider economy.”

The campaign has been initially released through audio and visual channels, including Spotify and YouTube.

Filming took place across Sydney and featured 20 businesses, including major tourism and event operators Sydney Theatre Company and Bridge Climb as well as a local hairdresser, tavern and gym.

“All the businesses we spoke to were really excited about the initiative and eager to participate and show the impact of COVID-19 on businesses.”

“If we don’t reach the vaccination targets, these businesses will not be able to re-open.”

“As an organisation we are here to look after Australian businesses. It’s up to us to support them by showing the devastation these lockdowns are having on businesses of all shapes and sizes across all industries.”

“The long-term impact of the COVID pandemic to the Australian economy is yet to be determined, but the federal government have flagged sliding birth rates and slowed immigration as new factors in ageing the working population.”

“The latest lockdown period in NSW alone is costing the NSW economy $1 billion plus per week.”

“The future health of the economy and the freedom of movement for Australians are both directly tied to the vaccination program.”

The campaign is initially focused on NSW, with a national rollout slated for later this month.

Creative was developed by The Works, part of Capgemini, and media by Slingshot.

The Works Creative Director Nathan Bilton said: “The campaign, created at pace and produced during lockdown and amidst the Sydney protests, is equal parts catchy and confronting.”

“We’re proud to partner with Business Australia to highlight an issue truly worthy of attention and make a significant impact. So, get vaccinated and let businesses get on with the show,” said Mr Bilton.


Creative – The Works, part of Capgemini
• Creative Director – Nathan Bilton
• Copywriter – Jermaine Rowe
• Art Director - Nathan Moore
• Managing Partner – Kristie Thistlethwaite
• Creative Project Manager – Vicky Hops
• Production – in house
• Producer – Charlene Weston
• Sound – Squeak E. Clean

Media - Slingshot
• Partner – Simon Corbett
• Digital Director & Strategist – Andrea Batista
• Associate Business Director – Brittany Davies
• Business Manager – Ally Thompson
• Implementation Planner – Caroline Gunning
• Programmatic Director – Jude Martinez
• Client Performance Executive - Megan Eaton

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