The Works gives BridgeClimb Sydney a 21st birthday rebrand

1 October 2019

Creative Agency: The Works Sydney

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The new brand offers a modern perspective on the globally recognised landmark.

As it celebrates 21 years and more than four million local and international visitors, the iconic BridgeClimb has been given a fresh and contemporary new brand identity created with The Works.

In a move away from the affectionately recognisable and traditional postcard view of the BridgeClimb Sydney logo, the new brand offers a modern perspective on the globally recognised landmark that evokes its scale and highlights its intricate geometric architecture.

Hammons Holdings, which in 2018 were appointed by the NSW Roads and Maritime Service to operate tourism services on the bridge for the next 20 years, selected The Works to develop a new brand identity for the BridgeClimb following a competitive pitch.

“Along with international research, The Works and BridgeClimb conducted workshops with BridgeClimb staff and what stood out was that there was always a fresh perspective to be had on this global icon," says Jordana Kirby, head of marketing and sales at BridgeClimb Sydney.

"The Works have distilled this insight brilliantly to give BridgeClimb a fresh and contemporary update that allows it to sit proudly alongside other global icons for years to come.”

Along with developing the logo and style guide, The Works have also made recommendations on how the new brand identity can be rolled out across signage, way-finding and collateral.

“The Sydney Harbour Bridge is up there as one of the world’s most famous landmarks, so getting this opportunity is awesome," says Kevin Macmillan, co-founder and creative partner at The Works, part of RXP Group.

"We got to explore the bridge itself from so many angles and by doing that you can’t help but fall in love with its beauty. BridgeClimb as a business is so unique and their culture is next level, with so much passion for what they do.

"Every person who has and will climb the bridge will have their own personal experience, which is what we have endeavoured to reflect in the strategic and creative thinking.”

BridgeClimb was started in 1998 and has become an integral part of the Sydney tourist scene. It operates four different climbs across the day and night.

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