The Tax Institute's ‘You can’t talk tax without The Tax Institute’ via SomeOne

13 November 2023

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To coincide with the celebration of 80 years of industry involvement.

Brand agency SomeOne has collaborated with TTI to launch its first integrated brand campaign, to coincide with the celebration of 80 years of industry involvement, through a bold, copy driven platform.

The campaign coincides with the appointment of new CEO, Scott Treatt, CTA which marks a pivotal moment for the organisation's future direction.

Established in 1943 with the aim of educating and furthering the development of tax professionals, The Tax Institute (TTI) remains one of the leading tax forums in Australia. Yet many people have never heard of it, including those in financial services.

What’s more, the principles (and people) that initially set it up for success aren’t the same as they are today. The new campaign aims to change this.

With an ambitious target of +8% new memberships and a strong lean into building its name among the up and coming generation of tax professionals, TTI needed an awareness campaign that, above all else, tells Australians who it is.

SomOne partnered with long-term strategic collaborator Kate Leury Nielsen to pluck-out defining insights key to the needs and behaviours of existing members, tax professionals, and next-gen graduates on the fence about their career moves, through a series of group sessions and membership data.

This research led to the brand-defining proposition that ‘You can’t talk tax without The Tax Institute’. A pointed truth gleaned from their being the one organisation in Australia that only deals in tax.

Intended to guide the organisation for many campaigns to come, the proposition comes to life initially in a brand awareness campaign that unabashedly touts The Tax Institute, loud and clear, by referring to themselves as the ‘everyting tax’ institute.

A bold, typographic campaign that verbally demonstrates all the ways that TTI is, quite literally, at the centre of the tax conversation, while also aiming to shift perceptions of what a career in tax looks like.

Tom Dabner, creative director at SomeOne, said the theme of ‘talking tax’ is the golden thread that joins the campaign and becomes a voice for the industry.

"Language is the primary mechanic, pulling away from flashy graphics in favour of clear messaging and playing to the insight that our audiences respond better to the written word," he said.

Michelle Jin, lead designer on the project, said the concept is simple.

"It allows TTI to adapt their messaging, target specific audiences and react to topical issues as they arise," she said.

The campaign launched to the industry at TTI’s yearly Tax Summit in September and is in market now across digital and film, including with industry media giants AFR & Accountants Daily, with outdoor planned for 2024.

Tania Corvelo, head of marketing & customer experience at The Tax Institute, said TTI is at an organisational turning point.

"I’m extremely excited to bring the next generation of tax professionals into the fold and open up a multitude of conversations around tax. This campaign is the beginning of those conversations," said Corvelo.


The Tax Institute:
Tania Corvelo
Amanda Crowther
Lara Shaw

Rebecca Bosustow, Client Services Director
Tom Dabner, Creative Director
Michelle Jin, Lead Designer
Kate Leury Nielsen, Strategic Director

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