The TAC partners with alt/shift’s behavioural change team to unveil ‘Dear Driver’

6 February 2024

Creative Agency: alt/shift/ Melbourne

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Using traffic infringement letters to share real stories of road trauma.

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) engaged alt/shift’s Behavioural Change division to launch ‘Dear Driver’, a new campaign using traffic infringement letters to share real stories of people who have experienced road trauma, following a competitive pitch process.

The behaviour intervention campaign was developed by alt/shift’s behavioural scientists Kate Napoli and Maddy Chambers, directly targeting Victorian traffic infringement recipients by reminding them that a fine is not the worst thing that can happen to them.

People who receive an infringement notice will also receive a personal letter written and signed by Victorian SES first-responder Mark, reflecting on his first-hand experience with road trauma. 

The letters also feature a QR code inviting people to hear Mark’s story. Even if they choose not to click at this stage, the user journey leads offenders through multiple opportunities to view content - offenders will also be targeted with offence-specific
stories on the Fines Victoria website, from other Victorians whose lives have been impacted from various risky road behaviours.

The final step of the campaign asks people to make a pledge to drive safely, by signing their name and clicking a ‘commit’ button.

With more than 7,000 driving infringement notices issued across Victoria each day, TAC CEO Tracey Slatter highlighted what a unique opportunity this campaign provides to communicate directly with known offenders.

“‘Dear Driver’ is a bold initiative, speaking directly to those who need our message most. Through empathy and real-life stories, we hope to ignite a change in behaviour and pave the way to safer roads,” says Slatter.

“Road safety is more than rules and penalties – it’s about people’s lives. By connecting with offenders on an emotional level, we hope to bring about a cultural shift towards safer decision making on our roads."

Napoli, alt/shift’s national behavioural science & strategy director, says there is no single solution for changing complex road behaviours, so alt/shift/ needed to find a creative opportunity to intervene. 

“This campaign was a collaborative process with the TAC and its partners to reach road users, using a very unexpected channel," she says.

“The beauty of the campaign is that the message is being told directly to those who need to hear it most, by real people who have experienced the consequences first-hand."

Anton Standl, alt/shift/ director, says the agency is committed to applying a scientific approach to any communications challenge.

"To ensure that great ideas and creative execution spring from a platform of behaviour change strategy - to optimise the likelihood of success," he says.


CLIENT: The Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
Tracey Stone - CRM Manager


Kate Napoli - Behavioural Science & Strategy Director

Maddy Chambers - Strategist & Behavioural Scientist

Anton Standl - Director

Sophie Truter - Group Account Director

Anna Fullerton - Group Creative Director

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