The MCA's façade has been transformed for Vivid Sydney

6 June 2019

Creative Agency: Spinifex Group

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Colombian-born, Sydney-based artist Claudia Nicholson transformed her artworks into animations for Vivid Sydney.

Spinifex has collaborated with Colombian-born, Sydney-based artist Claudia Nicholson to create an immersive projection-mapped digital experience that springs to life on the façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) for Vivid Sydney.

Let Me Down is an animated cycle of creation, destruction and regeneration, accompanied by music from Adelaide-based producer Lonelyspeck.

The commissioned piece adapts four of Nicholson’s artworks, three "sawdust carpets" known as alfombras de aserrín and a floral arrangement known as a silleta.

In honour of traditional processional sawdust carpets, Nicholson’s large-scale, brightly coloured and ephemeral alfombras de aserrín are disrupted and reconfigured through dance. The silleta draws inspiration from the Medellin flower festival in which large flower arrangements are carried on the backs of participants.

“Bringing Claudia’s vision to life for Vivid 2019 has been a highly collaborative, richly rewarding experience," Spinifex creative lead Thomas Dicker says.

"The final piece for the MCA has emerged as a unique and exciting take on Claudia’s art, which we hope will delight and engage the millions that attend Vivid.”

Nicholson says the team at Spinifex helped her incorporate a new medium into her practice

“The team has been so generous taking me through this unfamiliar creative process,” she says.

Spinifex has worked with Destination NSW and leading artists to create ground-breaking projections for Vivid Sydney for the past nine years.

The MCA is lighting up with Let Me Down from 6pm to 11pm every night until Saturday 15 June.

Image credits: Destination NSW

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