Taylors encourages wine drinkers to 'Stay Original' in new work via EDGE

4 April 2023

Creative Agency: Edge

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Recruiting a new generation of Taylors drinkers.

Edge, independent creative and media agency, has launched its first campaign for Taylors since winning the business late last year. 

The new platform encourages people to be themselves, follow their own rules and Stay Original. 

Executive planning director, Richard Parker, said: “Our brief from Taylors was a very clear one – grow the brand by appealing to and recruiting a new generation of Taylors drinkers.

Our research showed us that this younger audience very much sees themselves as a set of individuals, seeking to define themselves through trial and discovery, forging their own path and not following the conventions of the category or those set by previous generations.” 

The first executions working with the new platform show people in a series of scenarios from having a dinner party on a bed to drinking fancy bubbles with pizza or chilling a white wine in a sand bucket.  

Miles Omodei, chief marketing officer at Taylors Wines, said: “Taylors was born from a pioneering spirit and this is still part of the brand’s DNA today

"We’re constantly looking beyond the known, to uncover what’s new and different. The team at Edge were able to connect the essence of the brand with the target consumer mindset to create a platform that holds true for both the business and our customers.” 

Stu Turner, Edge executive creative director, said: "'Stay Original' is more than just a marketing platform for Taylors; it's a genuine reflection of the brand's identity and a life philosophy that many people can find inspiring.

"We are excited to continue collaborating with the Taylors team to bring this message to the world and make the brand even more famous.” 

The campaign will roll out across social and digital channels,ooh and shopper nationally across the next few weeks. 


Client: Taylors Wines 

Managing Director: Mitchell Taylor 

Chief Marketing Officer: Miles Omodei 

Senior Global Marketing Manager: Angela Pursey 

Senior Digital Marketing Manager: Kate Reekie  

Brand Manager:  Jonathan Leeming 


Creative & Media: Edge 

Executive Creative Director: Stu Turner 

Creative Director: Ben Smith and Luke Hawkins 

Art Director: Sophie Millican 

Designer:  Waiton Fong  

Managing Director: David Stretch 

General Manager: Nicole Gardner 

Senior Account Manager: Donna Phan 

Executive Planning Director: Richard Parker 

Planning Director: Caitlin Amman  

Media Director: Mattie Mould 

Media Manager: Louis Williams 


Production Company: Infinity Squared 

Director/Photographer: Cybele Malinowski  

Exec Producer: Erin McBean 

Production Manager: Katie Dorman 



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