Taubmans explores the power of colour via Banter

1 September 2023

Creative Agency: Banter

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To help Giant Steps Australia in Sydney, a school that specialises in providing education and support to children with autism.

Australian paint brand Taubmans has launched a content-led campaign in its latest community project.

Giant Steps Australia in Sydney is a school that specialises in providing education and support to children with autism.

Across three days, more than 30 volunteers from PPG and the Parramatta Eels came together to paint several rooms in the school, including the music room, library and outdoor play area.

These colours were carefully selected by Taubmans colour specialist, Fiona Dawson, alongside Cheryl Toth, director of occupational therapy at Giant Steps, to ensure that each room would create an area to facilitate play, whilst also supporting a calm and focused environment.

Specially-designed murals also added extra colour and inspiration to the spaces to have a lasting effect on the children for many years to come.

In the last few years, Taubmans has continued its efforts to be 'In It Together' with the community to help protect and beautify community spaces with colour and paint.

Avin Jandu, senior brand manager at PPG, said it makes him proud to see two great Australian brands working together to make a positive change in the community.

"We were more than willing to get involved with this initiative as soon as the opportunity to help arose," said Jandu.

Mitchell Loadsman, co-founder at Banter, said it’s amazing just how much colour can make a difference in people's lives.

"We loved being part of this initiative working with a brand like Taubmans who are truly in it for the community," he said.

Brendan Lasker, director and founder of Teknique Films, said using colour as the catalyst to tell the story of a real difference that Taubmans & the Eels have made to the kids at Giant Steps is why the company create sports content.

"Knowing that we’re a small part of something that carries such meaning and genuine impact in the community means the world to us," said Lasker.



Client: Taubmans

Agency team: Banter and Teknique Film

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