Target encourages Aussies to give a little love this Christmas

29 October 2018

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership

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Target has released its new Christmas campaign that embraces the magic of goodwill and giving during the festive time of year.

Target has released its annual Christmas campaign inspired by the idea that the world would be a much nicer place if we could all ‘give a little love’.

Created by AJF Partnership and directed by Stephen Carroll from Revolver, the ad, being set to the Burt Bacharach track ‘What the world needs now’ as sung by Dionne Warwick, is a simple and sweet story of kindness and coming together.

It centres on a young boy who has bought a gift for his mum, only to leave it behind on a bench. This then prompts the whole city, dogs included, to come together through all modes of transport, including parkour, a motorbike and a drone, to get the gift back to him.

Wanting to give customers everything they need to create memorable moments this Christmas, the use of Target’s fashion and on-trend decorations and gifts throughout “celebrates the joy of giving and also the breadth of our offering,” Target’s general marketing manager Kenton Elliot says.

The campaign will roll out across multiple channels including TV, cinema, online and social media.

AJF was acquired by GrowthOps in November of 2017 as covered by AdNews.

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