Target Australia sends body love to women for Valentine’s Day

11 February 2016

Advertiser: Target

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What’s better than Candy? Body positivity.

Target Australia has kicked off a body positive campaign for Valentine’s Day proving lingerie fits all shapes and sizes.

The retail giant posted an Instagram picture featuring model Margaret Macpherson alongside other curvy women who defy stereotypical fashion-industry standards on size and age, with the caption: “Yay for looking good and feeling great with higher quality lingerie for all body shapes!”

The campaign has received great feedback on Instagram, with comments like:

kmart comments

The images are part of Target's "Yay For Every Body” approach it adopted last August. They come from Target's Valentine's Day catalogue currently in store now.

Model Jazz Bell also shared an image on her Instagram account featuring herself and two other models hash tagging #curveout #loveyourbody.

Some comments debated if "real women" are curvy or thin, the company asserted that: "All our models are real and beautiful in their own way and we just love the body positive message this ad promotes."

Target has been striving towards appealing to a wider demographic in its advertising with the #YayEveryDay campaign shoeing models of different sizes sporting active wear and fashion pieces.

Its US counterpart launched a similar campaign last summer titled ‘Target Loves Ever Body’.

That’s one small step for Target, one giant leap for women everyone.

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