TAFE Queensland says the time is now

12 January 2017

Creative Agency: George Patterson Y&R Brisbane

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TAFE's latest ad asks the rhetorical question, “Why Wait to Make Great?”.

It targets recent school leavers offering courses that will fast-track their education in fields which may have once been deemed only a passion.

The 45-second ad by creative agency GPY&R Brisbane bounces between shots of a drummer, fashion designer, basketballer, chef and other “hands-on” disciplines, beckoning future students to not wait, and 'Make Great' immediately with vocational study at TAFE Queensland.

Set to a fast-paced drumming beat, the ad frames the college as a platform by which students can “turn [their] past time into [their] full time” and urges people to take action on their education.

While TAFE doesn’t suffer from lack of exposure, it wants the market to know more about “the diversity and excellence of our course offering” according to chief executive officer of TAFE Queensland Jodi Schmidt.

In celebrating its different approach to learning, Andrew Thompson, executive creative director of Y&R Group Brisbane, says the ad showcases “the reality of the training and facilities on offer – delivered in a raw hands-on way”.

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