TAC's 'Drink Driving: Stop Kidding Yourself’ via Clemenger BBDO

4 December 2023

Advertiser: Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Media Agency: OMD

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"We want to embrace a culture where driving after drinking any alcohol is not considered normal."
Forget the tricks you think will help you stay under the 0.05 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit or suffer the consequences - this is the message in a myth-busting campaign via Clemenger BBDO, for Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC).


TAC’s ‘Drink Driving: Stop Kidding Yourself’ campaign challenges drivers’ belief in myths associated with drink driving, with the aim to encourage them to ultimately make the choice to separate drinking from driving, on every occasion. 

It follows insights that revealed more than four in 10 Victorian drivers (41%) say they will drive after drinking, despite the fact one in five drivers killed on the state’s roads have a BAC on or above the 0.05 limit. The choice to drive is often rooted in the misguided belief that it’s OK to drive after two or three drinks as long as you’ve paced yourself, consumed lots of water or eaten a big meal. 

Launching across TV, online video, cinema, OOH, social, digital and radio, the campaign is directed at all drivers in Victoria, with a particular focus on males who are overrepresented within drink driving instances.

The hero film features a confident, 30-something male speaking directly to camera as he lists the rules of thumb he blindly follows to stay under 0.05. As he rattles off this list, we start to realise that these ‘rules’ are nothing more than myths.

Tracey Slatter, CEO of the TAC, said as summer and the festive season approaches, this campaign is a timely reminder to Victorians that drinking and driving don’t mix.

"We want to embrace a culture where driving after drinking any alcohol is not considered normal," said Slater.

“Many people think they can manage their blood-alcohol level by following a set of vague rules handed down through generations, but the only way to avoid the risk entirely is to completely separate drinking and driving.”

Richard Williams, ECD at Clemenger BBDO, said this campaign is about changing an ingrained community behavior.

"It’s about debunking myths, and most importantly it’s about reminding drivers that there is no grey area – if you drink, don’t drive," he said.

Phase one of the Drink Driving: Stop Kidding Yourself campaign launches today and runs until January 31 2024, with media via OMD.




Senior Manager, Marketing and Partnerships: John Thompson
Team Leader, Marketing and Communications: Liz Jones
Campaign Manager, Marketing: Nardia Brancatisano
Campaign Co-Ordinator, Marketing: Michaela Clayton


Executive Creative Director: Richard Williams
Senior Copywriter: Tom Vizard
Junior Art Director: Nathan Va
Junior Copywriter: Ben Hall
National Traffic Manager: Karen Kushinsky
Strategy Partner: Mike Ronkoske
Planning Director: Leigh Arbon
Managing Partner: Jason Melhuish
Senior Business Director: James Kerr
Senior Business Manager: Elyse Paone
Business Manager: Tom von Stieglitz
Production Director: Lisa Moro
Producer: Amalia Makris
Senior Editor: Jennifer Cahir
Digital Executive Director: Claire Bisset
Lead Digital Designer: Justin Tumilaar
Head of Studio: Matt Gauci
Finished Artist: Sam Tsui


Production Company: EXIT Films
Director: Glendyn Ivin
Executive Producer: Leah Churchill-Brown
Producer: Alice Grant
DOP: Sam Chiplin
Casting Director: Megan D’Arcy (Nick Hamon Casting)
Production Designer: Leah Popple
Post Production House: The Editors
Post Production Producer: Charlotte Griffiths
Offline Editor: Jack Hutchings
Colourist: Trish Cahill
Online Artist: Eugene Richards
Sound House: SqueakE Clean Studios
Sound Engineer: Paul LeCouteur



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