Surf Life Saving Australia's ‘Give an F About the Flags’ via Banter

5 December 2023

Creative Agency: Banter

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Featuring a cheeky approach designed to change behaviour.

Surf Life Saving Australia has launched a campaign to fight against drownings at the beach, featuring a cheeky approach designed to change behaviour.

Every year, more than 120 people drown outside the flags on Australian beaches. Surf Life Saving Australia is calling on beachgoers to ‘Give an F About the Flags’ this summer.

Everyone loves having fun at the beach, whether it's frolicking with friends, freestyling for fitness, or fumbling with a footy.

However, not everyone who jumps into the ocean makes it home safely, which is why this campaign celebrates many of the things people do at the beach beginning with ‘F’, with an objective to help people remember the most important ‘F’ of all... the flags.

The campaign marks the first for SLSA under the new marketing leadership of Brett Morgan, who previously held positions at Universal Music, the AFL and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

Brett Morgan, senior marketing manager at Surf Life Saving Australia, said as a volunteer surf lifesaver himself, he knows that many of the drownings that occur each year could be avoided if people just gave a little bit more of an F about their own safety, and swam at a patrolled location.

"We wanted to take a fun and unique approach to this very serious message and trusted the team at Banter to help find this balance," he said.

"The end result is content that feels akin to a friend putting his, her or their arm around you and giving you some sound advice that could just save your life.”

Paul Den, co-founder of Banter, said his parents always taught him to swim between the flags, but he is also in the demographic that’s most likely to ignore the advice and take risks at the beach.

"This campaign has really reminded me of just how easy it is to give an F about the flags. It’s been an absolute blast to work with a brand like Surf Life Saving Australia, and we can’t wait to see people in the ocean this summer…safely," said Den.

Narrated by former Bachelor and podcast host Matty Johnson, the campaign is running across TV, cinema, and online this summer in the hope that more people will remember to give an F about the flags.



Surf Life Saving Australia

Brett Morgan, Senior Marketing Manager

Tamara Ryan, Marketing Executive

Melissa Conchar, Brand Creative



Paul Den, Co-Founder

Mitchell Loadsman, Co-Founder

Tori Anderson, Producer

Pippa Hancock, Client Director



Brendan Lasker - Director

Lachlan McCarron - Producer


A bunch of other legends (no that’s not the name of an agency…but it could be)

George Tyler - Director of Photography

Shaun Graham - 1st AC

Beau Moulson - Gaffer

Nic Venettacci - Editor

Julien Chichignoud - Colourist

Noise International - Sound Mix

Voiceover - Matty Johnson


Special Thanks South Maroubra S.L.S.C.

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