Starward Whisky invites drinkers 'To New Horizons' via TABOO

23 November 2023

Creative Agency: Taboo

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Inviting drinkers to break away from convention and journey into new frontiers of whisky enjoyment.

Starward Whisky is taking a bold step onto the global stage with a campaign ‘To New Horizons’, developed with creative agency TABOO.

The campaign invites drinkers to break away from convention and embark on a journey into new frontiers of whisky enjoyment.

The 'To New Horizons' platform seeks to captivate both seasoned aficionados and newcomers to whisky, urging them to explore beyond traditional confines and discover whisky's potential in delicious new cocktails and occasions.

The hero film, shot by Max Greenstein of Betty Wants In and set in Melbourne’s iconic ‘HER’, explores the world of luscious cocktails, food pairings and moments to be discovered through Starward’s unique flavour profile.

With a prominent presence on social media, YouTube, Foxtel, catch-up TV, and outdoor advertising nationally, the campaign is poised to extend its influence into the global market next year, further solidifying Starward’s international presence.

Starward’s marketing director, Brendan Moynihan, said Starward has always stood for defying traditional category conventions by taking whisky out of its comfort zone and making it more accessible for the next generation of curious drinkers.

"'To New Horizons' reflects our dedication to this journey of discovery and we’re excited to see how it connects with the global whisky community," he said.

TABOO’s Melba Gounas said working with Starward on 'To New Horizons' has been like a toast to new adventures and old friends.

"It's about embracing the future, injecting new energy and vibrancy, and connecting with everyone ready to explore the unknown, one sip at a time," said Gounas.

Coinciding with the integrated campaign is the introduction of a bold new packaging refresh by renowned global design and packaging agency Stranger & Stranger, which showcases Starward's innovative spirit.



Client: Starward Whisky

CEO: Simon Marton Marketing Director: Brendan Moynihan

Marketing Consultant: Andrew Connelly

Brand Communications Manager: Bela Barbu

Digital Marketing Manager Zara Abernathy


Creative Agency: TABOO

Creative Director: Melba Gounas

Designer: Trent Bucknell

Copywriter: Angus Keach/Ryland Summers

Creative Producer: Hannah Cleary

Senior Account Director: Sarah Shaw

Senior Account Manager: Sinead Moloney/Jack Owen

Strategy Director: Tatum Ambler

Managing Director: James Mackinnon

Media Agency: Havas

Account Manager: Derya Parbo

Senior Account Director: Sarah Cook

Senior Performance Manager: Tania Antal

Account Executive: Frazer Woodhead


Production Company: Betty Wants In

Director - Max Greenstein

Executive Producer - Drew Dunlop

Managing Director - Chas Mackinnon

Producer - Ally Curtis

1st AD - John Sandow

DOP - Max Walter

Stills Photographer (Lifestyle): Melissa Cowan

Stills Photographer (Product): Ryan Creevey


Post Production: Puffin Post

Audio Production: Wildmill Audio


Packaging Refresh: Stranger & Stranger

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