St John WA and RSC unveil ‘Anyone can save a life’ via 303 MullenLowe

9 April 2024

Creative Agency: 303 MullenLowe
Media Agency: Initiative (WA)

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Based on a real-life crash and first aid scenario.

St John WA and the Road Safety Commission (RSC) are reminding drivers that Anyone Can Save a Life, in a  first-responders campaign via 303 MullenLowe.

Based on a real-life crash and first aid scenario, it shows the critical first four minutes after a crash in which a young driver saves an unconscious motorist’s life by using just the tips of her fingers and a knowledge of first aid. 

The  message ‘Anyone Can Save a Life’ – targeting all drivers but particularly the young - communicates that the unexpected can happen any time.

It also highlights that both new and experienced drivers can prepare for the unexpected by undertaking St John's free 15-minute First Aid For Me online learning program, which equips people with knowledge to potentially save lives.

303 MullenLowe Perth MD René Migliore said while St John has many stories of life-saving moments, the true story on which the campaign is based stood out for its simplicity and power – which in turn, translated beautifully into the advertising format.

“The true story behind this spot inspired the powerful visual at the centre of the campaign - our first responder to the crash reaching into the car to lift the chin of the unconscious driver, and saving a life," he said.

"That person was only able to step in because simple training gave them the ability and confidence to do so, and it inspired us to craft a powerfully simple spot that hopefully connects with drivers young and old alike."

With one simple act, a life is saved, said Migliore.

"It’s a unique scenario and associated visual that we were then able to apply across the campaign to capture attention on multiple platforms. And unlike other road-safety commercials, the campaign’s focus is less about the behaviour of the driver in the crash, and more about the importance of being a first responder," he said.

St John WA group chief executive officer Kevin Brown said about 15% of road deaths could be avoided with early first aid intervention, particularly to address blocked airways.

"While there is no substitute for learning quality CPR through an accredited first aid course, spending 15 minutes learning the basics could mean the difference between life and death," said Brown.

"Thanks to the Road Safety Commission, these skills and knowledge will reach a broader audience through the new Anyone Can Save a Life campaign, which we believe is the first of its type in Australia.”

Road Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner said the powerful campaign speaks to the importance of post-crash care in reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on WA roads.

“While we are committed to reducing crashes, the reality is they do happen and this campaign will equip and empower Western Australians to provide life-saving first aid following a crash," said Warner.

St John WA head of brand and marketing Smiljka Dimitrijevic said following an increase in driving holidays during COVID, the media and communications team worked closely with Road Safety Commission to create a joint campaign that would improve patient outcomes and survival rates by educating the WA community about the part they can play.

"The result of over two years of work is the empowering and goosebump-inducing Anyone Can Save a Life campaign. We hope everyone has a chance to see it and be moved to act," said Dimitrijevic .

'Anyone Can Save a Life' is now live across BVOD, audio, radio live reads, sponsorship, online, social and display.




Managing Director – René Migliore

Senior Business Director – Holly Creasey

Business Coordinator – Braydon Gallop

Chief Creative Officer – Damian Royce

Head of Production – Johnathan Julius (JJ)

Art Director – Stephen Hansen
Copywriter – Zosia Kilpatrick
Head of Design – Alby Furfaro

Finished Artist – Suzanne Whoston

St John WA

Head of Brand & Marketing - Smiljka Dimitrijevic 

First Aid Marketing Specialist - Kieran Ball

Chief Preventative Officer - Megan O'Donnell

Head of Customer Experience - Tom Hubbard

Head of Corporate Affairs – Peta Rule

Content and Media Lead – James Foggo

Social Media and Content Specialist – Abbey Dunne

Clinical Digital Specialist – Matt Didcoe

Road Safety Commission

Campaigns Officer - Alisia Mumby

Strategic Communications Manager - Joanna Hynes

A/Strategic Communications Manager – Kirsten Brent

Media Planning – Initiative

Investment Partnerships Executive - Daniel Pomponio

Account Director - Tiaan van Jaarsveldt 

Production Credits

Production Company: Sandbox Productions

Director: Armand de Saint Salvy

Photography & Retouching: Finlay MacKay

Audio Production: MDS Audio


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