Specsavers cowboys in squinting standoff in Should’ve campaign via AJF

27 January 2022

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership
Media Agency: Initiative (NSW)

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Free polarised lenses to reduce glare, provide full UV protection and see things, like each other, more clearly.

Squinting cowboys dramatise the need for polarised lenses in the latest ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ campaign created by AJF.

Inspired by wild west movies, the campaign calls attention to the need for, and benefit of, polarised lenses as two cowboys in a shootout struggle with glare from the sun. 

To avoid a near tragic end, the cowboys ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ for free polarised lenses to reduce glare, provide full UV protection and see things, like each other, more clearly.

“The ad was created to demonstrate the benefits of polarised lenses, which can reduce horizontal glare by 99.9% while providing full UV protection, and promote our free polarised lenses in your second pair offer,” explained Specsavers Director of Marketing and Contact Lenses, Jane Hoban.

“With Australia and New Zealand having some of the highest levels of UV and sun glare in the world, it’s important that people protect their eyes and polarised lenses are the best way to do that.

“We felt the best way to cut through with the audience was to dramatise the benefits of polarised lenses using our trademark ‘Should’ve ‘humour in the fun setting of the wild west where glare is front and centre.

“The campaign concept was developed by AJF when they first pitched to Specsavers so it’s great to see it brought to life as part of our latest ‘Should’ve’ campaign.”

AJF Chief Creative Officer, Joshua Stephens: “It’s a privilege for us to be working with the Specsavers team on executing the famous ‘Should’ve’ construct in new and different ways.

“We pay huge respect to the longevity of the brand idea, and being able to introduce fresh ideas like squinting cowboys for anti-glare lenses adds a benefit based layer to the campaign we’re very proud of. It’s also a whole lot of fun!”

Launched in Australia January 26, the campaign is running across Australia and New Zealand on TV, press, radio, digital display, social, in-store, out-of-home, in-store POS and online video.

Client: Specsavers
● Director of Marketing and Contact Lenses ANZ: Jane Hoban
● Head of Brand Creative ANZ: Carly Wickenton
● Head of Marketing Planning ANZ: Shaun Briggs
● Senior Marketing Manager Brand Creative ANZ: Joanne Dixon
● Merchandising Manager – Product ANZ: Margarita Dimaria
Agency: AJF
● Chief Creative Officer: Joshua Stephens
● Creative Director: George Freckleton
● Head of Broadcast & Content: Roz Ruwhiu
● Chief Strategy Officer: Pieter-Paul von Weiler
● Strategy Director: Jill Cummins
● Strategy Planner: Andrea Nelson
● Head of Account Management: Susan Bird
● Senior Account Director: Sarah Dalli
● Senior Account Manager: Kailah Symons
Production: Plaza
● Director: Paul Middleditch
● Producer: Peter Masterton
● Cinematographer: Daniel Ardilley
● Post Production: The Editors
● Sound Production: Dylan Stephens, Risk Sound
Media: Initiative

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