Somersby's 'Sweet-ish not Swedish’ via Clemenger BBDO

21 November 2023

Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Media Agency: PHD Network

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What do a couple of Vikings and a semi-sweet apple cider have in common?

What do a couple of Vikings and a semi-sweet apple cider have in common? More than they should in a new campaign for Super Crisp via Clemenger BBDO.

A case of mistaken identity sits at the (apple) core of the lighthearted ‘Sweet-ish not Swedish’ campaign for Super Crisp, which has 25% less sugar than the flagship Somersby Apple Cider.

The humour is driven by a simple error - mishearing ‘Sweet-ish’ as ‘Swedish’ in a campaign set to run across cinema, online video, social and outdoor.

The hero film establishes the joke, delivering on the campaign idea that is reinforced and extended across a series of social content, audio and OOH executions.

The spot opens on an idyllic Swedish scene. Cue Vikings enjoying ciders, Swedish dancers in traditional dress wrapping yellow and blue ribbons (Sweden’s national colours) around a tree to a soundtrack of Swedish music and accents.

It all comes to an awkward halt when someone off screen asks why everything is in Swedish? The scene abruptly ends to reveal we are on a film set.

The director informs a Somersby client that the reason everything is Swedish is because it’s a Swedish Cider. It’s here that she corrects his mishearing- It’s Sweetish, not Swedish.

The awkwardness builds as the director realises the weight of his mistake. But it’s too late, the Viking Ship has arrived. As a Viking helmet is removed from a blue and yellow topped picnic table, the campaign slogan is revealed, accompanied by a Swedish-accented voice over.

Somersby is owned by Danish brewer Carlsberg Group and made and sold in Australia by Carlton & United Breweries, with both businesses working closely on this campaign.

CUB brand manager, Liam Hale, said the company wanted to create a fun, local campaign to launch Somersby Super Crisp.

"The sweet-ish wordplay was a great way to bring our product benefit to life, inject humour into the Category and remind Australians that Somersby is still our largest and most-loved Cider," he said.

Clemenger BBDO’s creative director Brodie King said 'Sweet-ish’ 1ater lite som ’svensk’. En enkel observation som hjälpte oss att landa vad Somersby Super Crisp är – genom att prata om vad de inte är. Tack till våra fantastiska kunder på CUB & Carlsberg för förtroendet och det duktiga gänget på The SweetShop för deras hantverk.

Translated: – “‘Sweet-ish’ sounds a bit like ‘Swedish’. A simple observation that helped us land what Somersby Super Crisp is – by talking about what it’s not. Thanks to our great clients at CUB & Carlsberg for the trust and the talented gang at The SweetShop for their craft," he said.



Client - CUB

General Manager of Marketing: Nicole McMillan

Head of Marketing, CUB Premium Beverages: Hayden Turner

Marketing Manager: Amy Pollock-Hall

Brand Manager: Liam Hale



VP Marketing: Max Lazarenko

Brand Director: Ana Milicevic

Marketing Manager: Sidsel Marie Lyhne


Clemenger BBDO

Chief Creative Officer: Jim Curtis

Executive Creative Director: Richard Williams

Creative Director: Brodie King

Senior Copywriter: Tom Vizard

Art Director: Esther Parsons

Art Director: Ben Bryan

Managing Partner: Scott Balalas

Senior Business Director: Ava Hawes

Senior Business Manager: Elyse Paone

Account Executive: Golda Sanchez

Chief Brand Officer: Paul Rees Jones

Strategy Partner: Brigitte Bayard

Senior Producer: Lisa Moro

Senior Print Producer: Matt Gauci

National Traffic Manager: Karen Kushinsky



Production Company: The Sweetshop Co.

Managing Director: Greg Fyson / Edward Pontifex

Director: Max Barden

Production Co. Producer: Allison Lockwood

DOP: Stefan Duscio

Casting Director: Megan D’Arcy (Nick Hamon Casting)

Production Designer: Patrick Bennet

Costumes: Emma Lamp

Post Production House: The Editors

Post Production Producer: Charlotte Griffiths

Offline Editor: Joe Morris

Colourist: Trish Cahill

Online Artist: Eugene Richards

Sound House: SqueakE Clean Studios

Sound Engineer: Rob Stephens



Media Agency: PHD & 1House

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