Skyscanner undergoes global brand refresh

24 September 2019

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It has set a bold mission to lead the global transformation towards modern and sustainable travel.

Skyscanner has unveiled a global brand refresh featuring a vibrant new brand, as well as a bold mission to lead the global transformation towards modern and sustainable travel.

The new brand borrows inspiration from beautiful locations around the world, rich in colour, diversity and optimism.

It features a mixture of stunning photography and eye-catching illustrations, as well as a redesigned typeface and a new logo designed to symbolise travel and the feelings that it invokes.

It is launching across app stores, desktop, mobile web and owned social channels in 52 markets worldwide.

The logo incorporates four major elements that combine to form its aesthetic – optimism, sustainability, ideas and places to discover.

The radiating beams represent the optimism of the sun and the innovation that Skyscanner has pioneered in the travel sector.

The semi-circle embodies the earth and the downward arrow underneath illustrates a place pinned on a map.

The new typography 'Relative' is clear and straightforward, mirroring Skyscanner’s approach to helping travellers, while the palette is built around a bold lead colour, Sky Blue, which represents clarity and optimism.

The supporting palette of warm, natural colours represent the rich hues found in destinations around the world.

The brand refresh coincides with the travel giant reaching the significant milestones of 100 million peak monthly users.

The new mission to lead the global transformation towards modern and sustainable travel builds on more than 15 years in business, helping people find and book the best options for flights, hotels and car hire.

Skyscanner’s apps have 90 million downloads and 60% of users now interact with the brand via a mobile device.

Travellers are increasingly wanting to explore the planet whilst also protecting it. The travellers of tomorrow will expect this by default and Skyscanner is committed to making this a reality, having taken the first steps in sustainable travel by showing lower emission flight options as well as joining the Duke of Sussex’s sustainable travel initiative, Travalyst.

Joanna Lord, chief marketing officer at Skyscanner, says the rebrand goes "much deeper" than just a new look.

“This new platform allows us to recommit to the mission of Skyscanner but also point more clearly to where we are going," Lord says.

"As a company we always strive to do more and provide the best products and services, first for flights and now for your entire trip. This is a hugely exciting time for Skyscanner as we look to the future."

Global advertising campaigns promoting the refreshed brand and Skyscanner’s mission will launch next year.

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