Shift 20 Initiative launches Australian-first braille OOH via Special and JCDecaux

4 October 2023

Advertiser: Shift 20 Initiative
Creative Agency: Special
Media Agency: PHD Network

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Written in collaboration with Vision Australia.

Special, in partnership with JCDecaux, has unveiled an Australian-first out-of-home braille campaign for AAMI, designed to empower individuals with low vision or blindness who read braille.

This is part of the Shift 20 Initiative, a coalition of brands together with the Dylan Alcott Foundation focused on increasing disability representation, inclusion and accessibility in Australian advertising and media.

The initiative aims to help brands create marketing communications with diverse audiences in mind and encourages them to look for opportunities to make a shift.

Special partnered with JCDecaux on this OOH campaign concept as part of the Shift 20 launch, collaborating closely to develop this new approach to creative and production.

The hope is that more brands will apply approaches similar to this, in order to create more accessible communications and more broadly, have it become a universal medium for the vision impaired.

These OOH units also aim to generate conversation around the issue of accessibility.

The braille inscriptions were written in collaboration with Vision Australia, intended to describe both the visual elements of the creative, as well as the copy.

To further enhance accessibility, the creative includes a QR code for the Shift 20 website for those who use text readers.

Mim Haysom, Suncorp Group's EGM brand & customer experience, said Suncorp knows how important it is to support diversity and inclusion and represent all Australians in the workforce and through its advertising campaigns.

“Brands have been evolving the way they represent people in our community, but we can and need to do more to support all aspects of diversity and inclusion," she said.

"Adapting how we deliver these campaigns to achieve greater accessibility is the next step and we’re very proud to be working with Special and JCDeceaux on this Australian-first initiative.”

Peter Cvetkovski, creative director at Special, said accessible communication is not only essential for inclusion but also for building connections with an audience.

"Especially given that almost 4.5 million Australians have some form of disability. It's important to note that creating accessible advertising is not just about changing how we communicate, but seamlessly integrating accessibility into our everyday lives," he said.

Lama Perrin, group manager creative & digital solutions at JCDecaux, said this collaboration between JCDecaux, the Dylan Alcott Foundation's Shift 20 Initiative and Special highlights the path to inclusivity in Australian advertising with the launch of an OOH braille campaign for AAMI.

"Together, we're not just creating ads; we're creating accessibility and changing the narrative," said Perrin.

Special created units for both the Shift 20 initiative and AAMI rolling out across Melbourne and Sydney.

The AAMI OOH unit introduces Lara Nakhle – Singer Songwriter who is herself blind – as the new voice of the ‘Lucky You’re With AAMI’ jingle (Nakhle also appears in the AAMI commercial, as the new AAMI woman).

The campaign will be displayed in Melbourne and Sydney at various locations throughout September and October.

The braille boards are printed on a high-quality composite panel, which can withstand all types of weather conditions and resist warping in the sun.

The braille is created using relief printing, a process that applies hundreds of layers of ink, adding small percentages at a time, gradually building up the raised braille dots, which is applied on top of the existing creative.



Agency: Special Australia

Partner/CEO: Lindsey Evans

Partners/CCO: Julian Schreiber & Tom Martin

Partner/CSO: Bec Stambanis

Partner/CSO: Dave Hartmann

Executive Creative Director: Ryan Fitzgerald

Creative Director/Creative: Adam Ferrie

Creative Director/Creative: Peter Cvetkovski

Copywriter: Shaun McFarlane

Art Director: Bella Plush

Managing Director, Melbourne: Sarah Raine

Managing Director, Special PR: Alex Bryant

Senior Business Director: Felicity Touzeau

Business Director: Priya Addams Williams

Business Director: Nick Darrigan

Creative Strategist: Kate Wilkinson

Lead Producer: Charlotte Wren

Head of Stills Production: Nick Lilley

Head Of Design: Adam Shear

Finished Art: John Rivera

Comms Strategy Director: Georgia Thomas


PHD Australia

Managing Director: Simon Lawson

Business Director: Joey Graham

Account Executive: Ben Williams

SEO: James Hanley

Programmatic: Jethro Pacquing & Riana Adams

Omnicom Media Group

Chief Executive Officer: Peter Horgan



Group Manager Creative & Digital Solutions, Lama Perrin

Account Manager, Kristian Muhllechner

Account Manager, Alec Howat



Lara Nakhle – AAMI


Printer - Grand Print Services

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