Schweppes and a 'A Sip for your Senses' via Clemenger BBDO

24 November 2023

Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Media Agency: PHD Network

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The magic of Schweppervescence.

The launch of a new brand platform is introducing a new generation to the magic of Schweppervescence with for Asahi Beverages’ iconic soft drink brand Schweppes, via Clemenger BBDO.

The ‘A Sip for your Senses’ positioning and debut campaign was inspired by the millions of bubbles that awaken the senses the moment someone opens a bottle of Schweppes - even before they've had their first sip.

Lauren Fildes, general manager of marketing, at Asahi Lifestyle Beverages, said Schweppes is all about awakening the senses.

"And we want that feeling to come to life in everything we do – even our communications. So, we set out to create a campaign that’s as much of a sensory experience as our product," she said.

”Each touch point within this campaign, from the film to the audio ads to the street posters, is designed to make you imagine a place where your senses are instantly ignited. We want people to feel the iconic Schweppervescence feeling the moment they see or hear the work.” 

Clemenger BBDO group creative director, Ant Phillips, said Jacob Schweppe was a pioneer in carbonation, bringing fizzy magic to the everyday experience of drinking water.

"In launching the ‘A Sip for your Senses’ platform, we wanted to celebrate this magic by showing that each and every bubble within a bottle of Schweppes contains its own sensory world of wonder," he said.

The above the line campaign will also introduce Australia to Schweppes’ new colourful master brand visual identity that will begin rolling out across all product lines in November 2023.

The campaign debuting the new brand platform launched on November 11 and will run through 2024 across TV, VOD, OOH, Spotify and in-store.



Asahi Lifestyle Beverages -

Lauren Fildes, General Manager – Marketing

Jarrod Dooley, Head of Carbonated Brands

Simone Reid, Marketing Manager

Jess Sanchez, Senior Brand Manager

Emily Devine, Brand Manager


Clemenger BBDO 


Ant Phillips, Group Creative Director

Tom Vizard, Senior Copywriter

Tristan Graham, Executive Creative Director

Ben Byran, Art Director

Lachlan Collie, Copywriter

Sebastian Sarria, Designer

Karen Kushinsky, National Traffic Manager



Alana Teasedale, Senior Producer

Claire Bisset, Executive Digital Director

Michael Travers, Print Producer

Sam Tsui, Finished Artist

Mike McCall, Retouching Artist



Paul Rees-Jones, Chief Brand Officer

Brigitte Bayard, Strategy Partner


Business Management

Scott Balalas, Managing Partner

James Kerr, Senior Business Director

Tony Dediu, Business Director

Golda Sanchez, Account Executive


CADRE Pictures Animation

Patrick Da Cunha, Creative Director

Steven Kerswell, Senior Producer

Annie Thiele, Producer


Bang Bang Studios

Tristan Dewey, Sound Design & Music

Polly McGregor, Producer

Holli Dee, Producer



Alex Ferguson, Planning Director

Michelle Trifiletti, Investment Manager

Gabe Olver, Account Executive

Ryan Wahl, Investment Director

Zachary Yue, Account Coordinator



Will Bate, Anna De Sousa & Zak Rule, Digital Planners

Brigitte Dagg & Rochelle Athan, Project Leads

Christina Coco, Media Manage

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