RT Health unveils 'We see you' via Edge

25 October 2022

Creative Agency: Edge

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“RT is a niche player in the extremely competitive health insurance market."

Independent creative agency Edge has launched RT Health’s first integrated marketing campaign, “We see you”, following a competitive creative pitch in August.

RT Health was Australia’s first registered health fund and has been looking after the health of people in the rail, transport and energy industries since 1889.

The campaign taps into the fact that rail, transport and energy workers are the unseen, unsung heroes of everyday life and commerce.

 For most, these people fade into the background. RT Health sees all the hard work rail, transport and energy workers do to keep Australia moving.. It also sees the specific health issues these workers suffer from that might often go unnoticed by others.

The campaign uses a spotlight device to demonstrate RT Health’s focus on rail, transport and energy workers with executions across TV, online video, social, radio and outdoor. All of the featured talent are real people who work in these crucial industries.

Adam Lee, RT Health’s chief marketing officer said: “RT is a niche player in the extremely competitive health insurance market. Our strength is our focus on meeting the health insurance needs of a very specific cohort.

"Our biggest challenge however, is brand awareness. Despite the fact we’ve been around for 133 years, we remain a well-kept secret – and that’s something we’re excited to improve on with this campaign. The creative idea developed by Edge, and supported via Slingshot’s tailored media strategy, nailed our focus with cut through and clarity.”

Richard Parker, executive planning director at Edge said: “The pandemic raised the profile of a segment of the Australian population that RT Health has been committed to supporting for over 130 years.

"Bringing the people in these industries to the forefront of the communications and recognising the uniqueness of their roles and the associated health insurance needs, is something only RT Health can do.”


Client: RT Health

Chief Marketing Officer: Adam Lee

Senior Marketing Manager: Georgie Hinrichsen

Marketing Executive: Kate Toulis

Communications Manager: Hayley Hardie


Agency: Edge

Creative Director – Steve Madgwick

Creative – James Gillespie, David Arns

Design – Waiton Fong, Sophie Millican

Producer – Grace Sheridan

Executive Planning Director – Richard Parker

Planning Director – Caitlin Ammann

General Manager – Nicole Gardner

Senior Account Manager – Donna Phan


Production: Flint

Director: Toby Dixon

Producer: Belle Oliva


Post Production: The Hive


Brand Identity:

Designer: Graziela Machado

Designer: Elizaveta Pogossov


Media Agency: Slingshot

Head of Strategy – Lisa Overall

Head of Client Service – Laura Dodds

Investment Director – Jess Cooke

Social Director – Erienne Lette

Business Manager – Madeleine Toso

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