RAC and Wunderman Thompson turn car park lines into 'Key Lines'

2 April 2020

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The behavioural change campaign hopes to stop WA kids being locked in cars.

RAC and Wunderman Thompson have designed a simple yet powerful behavioural nudge to help reduce the more than 400 cases of children locked in cars each year in WA.

The most common cases of kids locked in cars are related to ‘smart’ car security - such as automatic locking technology.

This security feature means that parents can suddenly find their child trapped alone, after only momentarily leaving their keys inside, or with their child to play with.

"On a typical Australian summer day, the temperature inside a parked car can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature," says Ray Farrugia , a patrolman for RAC with more than 20 years' experience in dealing with these cases.

To address this issue rather than a typical awareness campaign, Wunderman Thompson developed an innovative design solution to prompt real behavioural change at the heart of the problem – WA car parks.

Called ‘Key Lines’ the design replaces traditional car park lines with a timely reminder - a durable, aluminium decal featuring a row of keys and a message for drivers to ‘Keep Your Keys on You’.

To build awareness, and further educate people on the dangers of this issue at a mass level, a supporting campaign – also developed by Wunderman Thompson - will run across radio, TV, digital, press, OOH and social, again reminding every WA driver to Keep Your Keys on You.

Simon Langley, national chief creative officer at Wunderman Thompson says: “RAC has always made it their mission to do whatever they can for the better of the WA community.Key Lines is a smart, simple solution to a complicated problem. They have the power to change people’s behaviour in the very moment they’re needed most.”

John Griffiths, general manager (motoring) at RAC says: “Parents think it won’t happen to them, but our lives are so busy, and it’s so easily done. The easiest way to keep your children safe is to keep your keys on you. It’s that simple! The aim of our campaign is to drive awareness and conversation around such a serious issue.”

Over summer, ‘Key Lines’ were installed at Lakeside Joondalup, one of the largest shopping centres in WA, as well as Claremont Quarter in suburban Perth, with the intention to roll more of these out in other shopping centre car parks across WA.


Wunderman Thompson
Simon Langley, National Chief Creative Officer
Angela Morris, National Chief Strategy Officer
Joe Hawkins, Creative Director
Lochie Newham, Creative
Jack Elliott, Creative
Nicole Beer, Senior Producer
Doni Savvides, Partner
Tammy Hackett, Engagement Lead
Farah Alias, Engagement Manager
Kate Gibson, Engagement Manager

RAC Roadside Assistance
John Griffiths, General Manager - Motoring
Emily Bray, Senior Marketing Manager – Motoring
Emma Gray, Marketing Manager – Projects & Support
Production Company: Alucinor Productions
Director, Dean Butler
DP, Shane Piggott

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