Queensland Government promote a happy healthier life

25 October 2018

Advertiser: Queensland Government
Creative Agency: Publicis Media

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Queensland government make health a happy experience focusing on what you enjoy on your journey to a better lifestyle.

The Queensland Government have launched a campaign to tackle state obesity rates by discovering your ‘happy health’.

Statistics show that 64% of Queenslanders are overweight or obese which is a number that the Government is trying to eradicate with their 2026 goal of increasing the proportion of adults and children with a healthy body weight by 10%.

The campaign focuses on making your health a happy journey. With most health ads focusing on the loss of weight and the reduction of calories Queensland government are breaking that stereotype. With the help of Publicis Worldwide the 30 second spot encourages a three-step process of working out what you love, making sure it is healthy and consistently doing more of it.

“We know from research that most overweight or obese Queenslanders realise they need to do something about it and this campaign is all about letting them know it doesn’t have to mean doing things they don’t like, which can seem unachievable” said Publicis Worldwide executive creative director Ryan Petie.

The campaign will roll out Queensland-wide in TV, press, social and digital and will include the #HappyHealthyHabit selector a digital tool for people that will find three happy healthy things they love and information on how to do more of them.

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