Pine O Cleen returns to TV screens with You Don’t Know Where That’s Been

17 June 2019

Creative Agency: Host/Havas

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Host/Havas has unveiled its latest work for Pine O Cleen that aims to show Australians all the places germs may be hiding in their household.

Pine O Cleen has returned to TV screens for the first time in several years with a new campaign created by Host/Havas.

The new campaign shows the germs that may be lurking inside Australian homes, highlighting the need for the household disinfectant to get to work.

“This new campaign perfectly captures the brand’s Australian heritage as well as its core disinfection promise," Reckitt Benckiser marketing director Arnaud Sudre says.

"It completes a full brand relaunch which also includes innovative products from surface sprays infused with natural ingredients like essential oils, vinegar or baking soda, and disinfecting wipes with 100% natural fibres.”

Rather than focusing on the classic category scenarios of the "muddy family dog" or "leftover dinner scraps", You Don’t Know Where That’s Been highlights Pine O Cleen’s Disinfection power by focusing on the germs that we don’t think about.

The campaign aims to highlight that all those seemingly "innocent" items we bring into our houses might not be so innocent after all.

“Not all germs are created equal. There’s something much grosser about a stranger’s germs than our own," Host/Havas executive creative director Jon Austin says.

"I once witnessed my son crawl under the seats at an airport and come out chewing gum. We’re hoping this campaign elicits the same reaction that I felt after seeing that.”

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