Phenxx unveils 'Australia's Hottest Woman' to break menopause taboo

20 March 2024

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After discovering there were limited bedding options for people experiencing hot flushes and night sweats.

Australian female-first wellness company, Phenxx (fen-x), has launched a new range of innovative cooling bedding products designed to help women experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms feel amazing in bed.

To celebrate the release, Phenxx has kicked off a search for ‘Australia’s Hottest Woman’ – a campaign that aims to break taboo and help change the way society sees, understands and treats the more than three million Australian women transitioning through menopause.

The creative concept was developed by Phenxx’s in-house marketing team and the shoot was creatively directed by Phenxx , founder & CEO Kait Tregenza. Production was done by Australian media company Think Mammoth.

Tregenza created Phenxx from personal experience after discovering there were limited bedding options for people experiencing hot flushes and night sweats.

“I was among the 30 per cent of women who suffer postpartum night sweats where the advice is, ‘wait for it to pass’, and I knew there had to be a better solution for hot women in bed. While many companies touch on how difficult it is for menopausal women to have hot nights, irregular bleeding, and insomnia, the conversation usually stops there,” said Tregenza.

“At Phenxx, we’re opening up a dialogue about what a woman can gain in confidence, self esteem and personal power from menopause, directly from first-hand accounts. More than just talking, we created a solution that would allow women to enjoy activities in bed without shame - no matter their life stage or time of the month."

To coincide with the release of its new cooling range, Phenxx is on the hunt to find ‘Australia’s Hottest Woman’, launching the campaign from the nation’s hottest town – Marble Bar, Western Australia.

Phenxx is asking ‘hot’ Australian women across the country to share their untold stories of uncomfortable hot flushes, night sweats, and overheating via the campaign page for a chance to win a range of luxury cooling bedding prizes, and to be named ‘Australia’s Hottest Woman’.

Tregenza said it was only fitting that Phenxx launched this campaign in Marble Bar in the scorching 52-degree heat, speaking with incredible people.

"Hot women hail from all walks of life. From nurses, to artists, to the local hotel manager, these women have such diverse and emotional stories to tell. However, the thing that tied them all together was that they each understand the struggle of a disrupted night’s sleep due to postpartum or menopause-induced hot flushes,” said Tregenza.

“At Phenxx, we are dedicated to collecting and telling the real stories of women to help change the way Australians see, understand, and treat hot women. Through our campaign, we hope people can reclaim this third chapter of their lives and feel less alone - especially at three o’clock in the morning when they are staring at the ceiling drenched in sweat.”

At its core, Tregenza said Phenxx is about changing the narrative around women’s health and wellness in Australia, and dismantling the taboos around womanhood - starting with tackling perimenopause and menopause.

“Many aspects of women’s health still leave us feeling shameful and alone, suppressed by society’s views of what women need and want.

“In order to change the narrative that menopause is this awful thing, we need to talk about it. That’s why we are creating a platform for women to tell their stories, and developing products specifically designed to support and liberate them."

The new Phenxx range includes the Cooling Canvas mattress protector, Cooling Canvas Pillow Protectors, and Thermocool pillows.

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