Pepsi unveils first visual identity change in 14 years

4 March 2024

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"Our new visual identity is bold, unapologetic, modern, and iconic."

Pepsi’s new look took flight worldwide on 1 March, taking over iconic global locations in celebration of its first major global redesign in fourteen years. 

The new logo and visual identity will be unveiled throughout Australia across all channels from March 2024.

To mark the brand’s refresh, Pepsi has activated over 120 CGI moments across the globe in a coordinated first, with Australia’s Hosier Lane in Melbourne welcoming a large-scale CGI kinetic mural, a cultural nod to Australia’s rich street-art subculture.

Elsewhere worldwide, a hot air assembly, forming a giant Pepsi logo, took over skylines in Warsaw, Poland and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, each comprised of over 70 balloons. Pepsi also put on vast shows on the Nile in Egypt and Ain Dubai, each harnessing innovative technology - giving consumers cutting-edge experiences to discover.

The takeover of Hosier Lane marks the first step in Pepsi’s new, bold era across design, storytelling, and partnerships. Pepsi will continue to drive culture forward in 2024 by delivering one-of-a-kind experiences and through the line content, all deeply connected to fan passions and desire to live Thirsty for More, the brand’s philosophy, which champions anyone who challenges conventions in pursuit of enjoyment, whilst celebrating people’s thirst for the unexpected and eagerness to discover, experience and do more.

The new look thoughtfully borrows equity from Pepsi’s past, whilst incorporating modern elements to create a look that is unapologetically current and undeniably Pepsi.

The updated colour palette introduces electric blue and black to bring a contemporary edge to the classic Pepsi® colour scheme, whilst the signature Pepsi pulse evokes the “ripple, pop and fizz” of Pepsi-Cola – moving in time to the beat of music, the roar of the crowd, the heartbeat of culture.

The logo was first unveiled in the US and is now launching in over 120 countries worldwide, through various consumer touchpoints - spanning digital, experiential and retail.

Vandita Pandey, chief marketing officer ANZ, snacks & beverages at PepsiCo Australia, said the brand has always been bold that challenges conventions, challenges the status quo and always puts enjoyment first.

"Our new visual identity is bold, unapologetic, modern, and iconic," Pandey said.

"We have huge plans for 2024 here in Australia, delivering one-of-a-kind experiences to Australia's culturally thirsty, next generation drinkers - those with a bold attitude, keen to try new things and live new experiences.

"Our fans can expect the same great taste they’ve come to love with even more of the immersive and entertaining experiences we’re known for across music, sport and culture”.

In 2024, fans globally can expect to see more from Pepsi in terms of iconic collaborations and innovative products.

As a champion of those who like to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy more of what they really like, Pepsi fans in Australia are urged to keep their eyes peeled for more unforgettable experiences announced throughout 2024.

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