PassportCard's 'When ‘It’ Happens’ via Keep Left

6 December 2023

Creative Agency: Keep Left

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"While mishaps can be an inevitable part of travel, they don’t need to mark the end of the good times."

PR and creative agency Keep Left has launched an integrated brand campaign for PassportCard, its first work for the new travel insurance disruptor.

The campaign ‘When ‘It’ Happens’ leans into the reality that no matter how prepared people are when they travel, unexpected things can happen that leave them feeling unprepared.

Keep Left’s strategy director Laura Agricola said the agency's approach for this campaign was to shout loud and clear that while mishaps can be an inevitable part of travel, they don’t need to mark the end of the good times.

"‘When ‘It’ Happens’ shows how PassportCard customers can navigate those unexpected curveballs with confidence and turn unforeseen challenges into unforgettable stories," she said.

Two in three Australians (62%) have – or know someone who has – experienced an issue when travelling, with only 15% saying they anticipated the problem, according to new research commissioned by PassportCard.

Agricola said the teams are introducing a new type of travel insurance to the Australian market with a very different value proposition.

“PassportCard understands it is the only company in the world to offer instant payouts for the three most common claims and 24-hour support. So, our strategy was to tell this story clearly and reframe travel insurance from a grudge purchase to adventure assurance," she said.

PassportCard head of marketing Brona Hyndman said from delayed luggage to unexpected monkey bites and street food surprises, many ‘adventures’ cannot be predicted.

“Our brand campaign is about driving awareness for this unique offering and showing Aussie travellers we’ve got their back with instant payouts for medical emergencies, delayed luggage, and stolen cash," said Hyndman.

"We're that extra layer of peace of mind when you take a trip. As long as you've packed your PassportCard, you're prepared for when ‘it’ happens” and can get back to your holiday, faster.”

Keep Left executive creative director Blair Kimber said there’s nothing worse than being left high and dry when ‘it’ happens on holiday.

"The playful tone of this campaign gives us endless opportunities to play with all the unexpected moments that could, and often do, happen on holiday and show how PassportCard is there to give you instant support when you need it most," said Kimber.

The brand campaign is being rolled out across OOH, radio, digital/social, and PR.




CEO: Peter Klemt

Chief Commercial Officer: Liz Telford

Head of Marketing: Brona Hyndman

Media planner: Amanda Buckley (consultant)


Keep Left

CEO: Caroline Catterall

Client Partner: Jessica Williams

Strategy Director: Laura Agricola

Executive Creative Director: Blair Kimber

National Director of PR: Tim Lele

Copywriter: Ruby Gill, Heath Kunde

Senior Art Director: Thomas Rennie

Senior PR Specialist: Jess Sexton

PR Specialist: Ainsley Piggot

Designers: Giorgia Fichera, Hannah Palmer

Strategist: Harris Galloway, Zach Edwards

Director Content and Performance: Larissa Thorne

Project Manager: Jeremiah Espanto

Agency Producer/Director: Ant Dinham

PR Executive: Morgan Griffin


Digital Media: Incubeta

Yhanys Cabral: Digital Marketing Manager

Jeremy Parker: Group Account Director

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