On consent with #MakeNoDoubt via The Frost Collective

27 May 2022

Creative Agency: Frost Collective

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Supporting the new affirmative sexual consent laws taking effect on June 1.

The NSW Government Department of Communities and Justice has created #MakeNoDoubt via creative agency The Frost Collective and production company Entropico.

#MakeNoDoubt aims to educate the public on how to communicate about consent and supports the new affirmative sexual consent laws taking effect on June 1 2022.

Aislinn Lowe, director of Entropico, said: “For this campaign, I wanted to create a series of worlds that represented an intersection between entertainment and education.

"My approach to the cinematography was very much influenced by Euphoria, because I knew that in order to grab the attention of our target audience we needed to make a campaign that looked like something they would binge-watch."

“It was important to me that the stories and performances were authentic, so we used real couples for the more intimate scenes, and worked with intimacy co-ordinators Chloe Dallimore and Anna Cheney to make sure that the actors felt really comfortable with what was happening."

The #MakeNoDoubt videos will run across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube and Tinder.


Client: NSW Department of Communities and Justice 

Creative Agency: Frost Collective 

Creative Director: Ant Donovan 

Copywriter: Michael Skarbek

Strategy Director: Debbie Spence 

Production Company: Entropico 

EP: Ainslee Littlemore 

Director: Aislinn Lowe 

Producer: Gus Kennelly 

DOP: Gregoire Liere 

Intimacy Coordinator: Chloe Dallimore & Anna Cheney

Casting: Daniel Berini 


Post Producer: Annabel Mills 

Editor: Rolando M. Olalia 

Sound Design & Composition: Jacob Turier 

Colourist: Alina Bermingham 

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