Officeworks shines a spotlight on creativity in its latest campaign

5 April 2018

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership

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The retailer is getting behind the arts in its latest campaign, taking YouTube content offline and moving it in-store.

Officeworks has released its latest campaign, centred around inspiring creativity in Australians of all ages.

The campaign commences with a 30-second brand ad run across TV, cinema and Facebook.

The ads' concept is focused on encouraging people to forget the excuse, problem, barrier or fear holding them back from expressing themselves creatively and just make a start.

The retailer has also partnered with artists in a series of ‘how to’ content on YouTube, focused on educating art enthusiasts.

The artists will be carrying out the tutorial-style video content during in-store classes called ‘Love to Learn’, which will run every weekend from May in stores across the country.

“This campaign is about both telling and proving that Officeworks is here to support our customers make bigger things happen through their creative pursuits,” Officeworks national marketing manager Karl Winther says.

“Our research found that four in five Australians would like to use their spare time more productively, with one in three wanting to start a new hobby. Our unique product offer across stationery, art supplies and technology at every day low prices supports customers to find and explore creative pursuits that can drive personal fulfilment."

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