NRMA Insurance second instalment of ‘Until Then’ campaign with Bear Meets Eagle On Fire

4 December 2023

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TV, cinema, radio, social and OOH.

NRMA Insurance has launched the second instalment of ‘Until Then’ campaign with Bear Meets Eagle On Fire (BMEOF). 

The integrated campaign - TV, cinema, radio, social and OOH - builds off the brand platform launched last year, and continues to add fresh meaning and resonance to ‘HELP’ by defining it as a promise to be there for whatever goes wrong.

The idea, ‘Until Then... we’ll be here to help’, imagines a world where insurance isn’t needed and where mishaps and accidents prevent themselves from ever happening. However, until that world exists, we all need some help when things in life go awry.

BMEOF was also tasked with bringing the thinking through the funnel and creating a wider suite of work from brand through to product.

Directed by Steve Rogers at Revolver, the film, Hailstorm, tells the story of a little car who seeks shelter from an incoming storm all on its own, ultimately avoiding any damage.

The OOH speaks to a range of everyday mishaps that can go wrong in life, which NRMA Insurance will be there to help customers with. In social and radio, the campaign elaborates on some of the initiatives NRMA Insurance is involved in to help with community preparedness for extreme weather.

A suite of visually stunning brand idents, created in partnership with UK director and photographer Dan Tobin-Smith and Time Based Arts, expands on the brand mnemonic,
to show what sits behind the promise of ‘HELP’. The idents will be used as part of a range of media activities, including NRMA Insurance’s sponsorship of the weather on Channel Nine.

An integrated product campaign - ‘We’ll help’ - produced in partnership with BUCK, runs alongside the brand work to show how NRMA Insurance delivers on the promise of Help through a range of product propositions.

NRMA Insurance Executive Manager Customer Experience, Brand and Social Impact Zara Curtis said: “This latest Until Then spot Hailstorm is timely for our customers in the face of changing and more frequent weather events. And with a creative system designed to work across the marketing funnel to meet our key business objectives.”

“It’s great being able to continue to build on a brand platform we’re proud of,” said Micah Walker, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of BMEOF.

“This time around, we’ve been given the chance to run our thinking a bit deeper through product and retail, and the brand idents we’ve created with Dan are also a lovely addition to the story.”

Client: IAG for NRMA Insurance

Chief Customer & Marketing Officer: Michelle Klein

Executive Manager Customer Experience, Brand & Social Impact: Zara Curtis
Principal, Brand and Creative Strategy: Jess Page

Principal, Brand Communications and Creative Execution: Mahsa Merat
Specialist, Brand Communications and Creative Execution: Catherine Verge
Manager, Media, Comms Planning and Performance Marketing: Mark Echo

Creative Studio: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire

Media: Initiative

Film Production Company: Revolver

Director: Steve Rogers

Managing Director/Co-owner: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer/ Partner: Pip Smart 
Producer: Caroline Kruck

DOP: Germain McMicking

Production Designer: Steven Jones-Evans

Edit: The Editors

Editor: Alexandre de Franceschi
Post Production: Alt VFX
VFX Supervisor: Jay Hawkins
Producer: Celeste Fairlie
Sound/Music: Rumble Studios

Executive Producer: Michael Gie

Lead Sound Designer: Tone Aston

Sound Designers: Cam Milne, Dan William
Composer: Jeremy Richmond

Brand Idents
Director: Dan Tobin-Smith
Post Production: 
Time Based Arts

Product Campaign
3D and animation: BUCK

Executive Creative Director: Gareth O’Brien
Executive Producer: Erica Ford

Creative Director: Lucas Brooking

Senior Producer: Jordan Howes

3D Supervisor: Elijah Akouri

3D Lead: Tim Krakowiak

2D Lead: Kane Rowlingson
Retouching: Electric Art

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