Mortein's 'Louie The Flyhunt' via Havas Host and Reckitt

6 December 2023

Media Agency: Zenith

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Turning billions of flies into billions of ads.

Havas Host and Reckitt in partnership with Havas Red have transformed billions of pesky flies into flying ads for Mortein.

Introducing the 'Louie The Flyhunt' campaign, where Australians are invited to participate in a unique experience that combines traditional manhunt tropes with cutting-edge technology.

Set against the backdrop of the opening of Australia's fly season, Mortein's campaign features the notorious Australian icon, Louie the Fly, as the target in a thrilling fly hunt.

Wanted posters featuring Louie, now Australia's most wanted, have been distributed across the nation. The key visual for the campaign, crafted by a specialist FBI sketch artist, heightens the excitement as Australians are challenged to be the first to eliminate Louie the Fly.

Havas Host has developed an interactive app to facilitate the 'Louie The Flyhunt' experience. The app guides participants to scan flies which they have killed, and if Louie is successfully killed, a substantial bounty of $10,000 awaits the skilled fly hunter.

The campaign features an innovative use of Reckitt's wider media. A news-style ticker tape featuring Louie the Fly's mugshot will be seamlessly integrated into other Reckitt brand VOD ads for added reach and engagement.

Short 6s social videos will show an animated Louie playfully goading users with phrases like "you couldn't find a bread loaf in a bakery." Traditional manhunt tactics will further come to life with the deployment of fly posters across Sydney.

Influencer-led activity takes centre stage with the appointment of chief fly hunter, Luke Falzon, a social media sensation, renowned outback expert and seasoned fisherman.

Falzon will create content on how to catch Louie, putting Mortein at the centre of the story calling for people to join the nationwide hunt.

Justin Ruben, executive creative director at Havas Host, said the 'Louie The Flyhunt' campaign is a fusion of creativity and innovation.

"We've turned annoying flies into our own media, by blending traditional elements with modern technology such as putting a ticker tape across existing Reckitt ads, promoting the hunt," he said.

"This campaign was designed to give Australians the chance to finally kill Louie for themselves, all they need is a can of Mortein."

Ilaria Lucheschi, category marketing manager at Reckitt, said when Havas Host approached the company with this culturally impactful idea, it saw a great opportunity to leverage a distinctive brand asset to engage its audiences in what is typically a low engagement category.

"Placing our beloved Louie the Fly at the heart of the campaign makes him more relevant than ever, even to younger audiences," said Lucheschi.

The campaign will run for three weeks from December 4 across radio, social, VOD & OOH. 


Mortein Australia:

Montoro, Sudhyvanne, CX Manager

Florence Paoli, Marketing Director

Ilaria Lucheschi, Category Marketing Manager


Creative Agency: Havas Host

PR Agency: Havas Red

Media Agency: Zenith

Digital Production Agency: T&DA

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