Mitre 10 taps into 'Talkin’ Scotty' for The Block via Edge

27 October 2020

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Talkin’ Scotty will be featured in The Block and supported by a new TVC, online video, in-store POS and social media campaign.

In the latest campaign for Mitre 10, The Block host and Mitre 10 ambassador, Scott Cam, takes up residence in workshops, sheds and homes around the country in the shape of a Talkin’ Scotty bobblehead.

Talkin’ Scotty was designed as the ultimate DIY companion: every time you tap Talkin’ Scotty on the head, you get a classic Scotty-ism, like “Measure twice, cut once”, “Less lippy, more chippy”, or “Tools down – time for a cold one”.

In coming up with the concept, creative agency Edge wanted to create something that was tangible and emotionally engaging - much more than just a new piece of communication.

To ensure people knew about Talkin’ Scotty, Edge and Mitre 10 worked closely with the producers of The Block to integrate it into the show.

This was done successfully by including Talkin Scotty within the narrative of the show.

Taking inspiration from VB’s popular Boonie Doll campaign, Talkin Scotty would also react to relevant moments in The Block and to Mitre 10 TV ads playing on the 9HD channel.

“Mitre 10 and Edge had been really proactive and innovative partners over Mitre 10’s long association as the major sponsor," The Block executive producer Julian Cress says.

"Over the past 13 series, Mitre 10 has been integrated into the show in numerous ways - from a pop-up Mitre 10 store, The Block Shop, to numerous Challenges and Master Classes.

"We loved the idea of Talkin’ Scotty and knew it was going to be a really fun thing to integrate into the show. And with the tension on The Block I’m sure there will be a lot of contestants who will get great enjoyment from bopping Talkin’ Scotty on the head."

Mitre 10 general manager marketing Karen Fahey says when Edge presented the idea to the team, she saw the potential immediately.

“We thought leveraging the popularity of Scotty Cam was a really clever way to drive more foot traffic into our stores and increase basket size," Fahey says.

"We also love the idea that Talkin’ Scotty will be a way for Mitre 10 to stay top of mind for DIYers months after the campaign finishes."

Edge worked closely with leading product development company, PopIdeas, to produce the prototypes and final product, and with the Nine Network for the technical aspects of transmitting signals so that Talkin’ Scotty could respond to them within the program and TV commercials.

“In a retail landscape where so many collectables are unrelated to the retailer, we wanted ours to be the embodiment of the brand," Edge managing director David Stretch says.

"Talkin’ Scotty, in true Scotty style, dishes out DIY tips and Mighty Helpful advice. And while the strategy is to drive people into Mitre 10 stores and lift sales, it is very much about having some fun and connecting people with the Mitre 10 brand.”

Talkin’ Scotty will be featured in The Block and supported by a new TVC, online video, in-store POS and social media campaign.


Client: Mitre 10
GM, Marketing – Karen Fahey
Marketing Manager, Brand – Brett Meehan

Agency: Edge
Copywriter – Peter Mountford
Art Director – Sal Cavallaro
Executive Creative Director – Matt Batten
Senior Account Manager – Grace Sheridan
Executive Planning Director – Richard Parker
Managing Director – David Stretch

Production Company: Vandal & Helium
Director – Zac Lynch-Woodlock
Producer – Ben O’Donnell
Managing Director: Brenden Johnson

Sound Production: Rumble
Senior Sound Designer - Cam Milne

Nine Network
Client Experience Manager - Olivia Shipsides
Chief Technology Officer – David Bowers

The Block / Cavalier Television
Executive Producer – Julian Cress
Executive Producer – Dave Barbour
Series Producer – Julia Holdstock

Product Development / Production: PopIdeas
Managing Director – Greg Jury

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