Mingle Seasoning launches into the Mexican aisle via Ouzo Studio

22 March 2024

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With the help of a familiar face.

Remember the iconic “why not have both?” little girl from the Old El Paso ads? 

She (Mia Agraviador) is all grown up and back on screens this March in a new campaign from Melbourne startup Mingle Seasoning for its newly released Mexican range. 

The campaign's creative direction was by Ouzo Studio, with publicity by Sunday Agency.

What made Agraviador jump to the competitor? As an adult (now 23), she likes to cook and eat food reminiscent of her family’s cooking, but as someone who loves to keep fit and healthy, was looking for an alternative to the sugar filled alternatives currently in supermarkets.

Agraviador said Mingle’s family-oriented approach to cooking and eating together reflected the way she was raised, but with a fresh, modern twist that suits who she is now.

“I am half Latina and half Filipino. My Central American side is Costa Rican and Honduran. My grandparents have their own styles of making food and their whole family vibe is very wholesome," she said.

"My family all sing & play guitar together while the aunties will be cooking. Even with my Filipino side, it's very much the same - It's very family oriented!”

Mingle’s new Mexican range launched into Coles supermarkets nationally on March 6 and includes; MINGLE'S MEXICAN FAJITA,  MINGLE'S MELLOW TACO and MINGLE'S MILD CHIPOTLE.

The new flavours from Mingle Seasoning are free from added sugar, Keto Friendly, lower in Sodium compared to most mass-market offerings, preservative free, full of only all natural ingredients, vegan friendly and certified gluten free.

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