Meet Good Dog, Pedigree's new Christmas star

12 November 2018

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Good Dog explains what Christmas, or The Season of Good Dogs, means to him in Pedigree's new campaign.

A puppy mistakes the Christmas season for his own special holiday and with that creates a holiday we can all celebrate – The Season of Good Dog – in Pedigree's new campaign.

Created by Colenso BBDO, the two-minute ad follows the story of 'Good Dog' who arrives at a family's home as a Christmas gift and upon seeing the holiday celebrations around him, mistakenly believes it's all for him.

Good Dog explains the Christmas tree is for his love of sticks, baubles for his love of fetch and paper for his love of ripping.

Colenso BBDO NZ executive creative director Dan Wright says it was an obvious decision to look at the ad from the dog's perspective.

“Dogs hold such a special place in our homes and our lives and it always felt strange to us that there wasn’t a starring role for them in our holiday celebrations,” Wright says.

“We are so excited to share this work with the world, and give our dogs the celebration they deserve.”

The spot is supported by an album of holiday carols for dogs available on Spotify and a limited run of Season of Good Dog products which include paw shaped stockings and slipper-scented wrapping paper.

Mars Petcare US brand manager Rafael Blanco says they wanted to give dogs something special this Christmas.

“Our new 'Season of Good Dog' campaign is an inclusive and joyous way for every dog to get the most out of the holiday season and to create opportunities for closeness between dogs and their owners,” Blanco says.

“We can’t wait to celebrate throughout the holiday season.”

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