Lynx's 'Smell Finer Than The Finest Fragrances' via Hello Social

9 July 2024

Creative Agency: Hello Social

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With DJ Fisher headlining.

Lynx's latest campaign, spearheaded by Hello Social and implemented by Mindshare and FORWARD, pits Lynx directly against the premium Fine Fragrance sector.

The platform 'Smell Finer Than The Finest Fragrances' includes a line up of accessible and high-end scents for men.

The range of fragrances consists of Black Vanilla, Blue Lavender, Aqua Bergamot, Emerald Sage, Golden Mango and Copper Santal. Each scent plays a different role for shoppers and are formulated to smell as fine as a premium cologne, with the protection of a deodorant.

“Lynx has always been about empowering guys, and that means evolving alongside them. We've seen our audiences’ fragrance tastes become more sophisticated, so we've responded with a new Fine Fragrance collection made with premium ingredients and delivering a premium scent thats finer than the finest fragrances," Unilever ANZ marketing director John McKeon said.

"The launch marks a new and exciting era for Lynx, where quality and affordability meet to create premium and powerful scents. But we haven't forgotten our roots – which is why we wanted to launch a bold and tongue-in-cheek campaign headlined by FISHER, one of the country's most in-demand music talents."

The creative pokes fun at fine fragrance advertising stereotypes including their cooked ads, seductive models, endless abs and majestic animals by garishly dialling up the fineness beyond absurdity and who better to do this than FISHER himself.

Hello Social ECD Daniel Fryer said it's always tricky bringing together big brands and big personalities.

"So for us, it was about finding the overlap where they could both be at their absurd best. And while FISHER might not be the centaur you’d take into battle, there’s no half-horse-half-DJ you’d rather party with, or smell like.”

The paid media rollout, led by Mindshare, features an integrated campaign aimed at connecting with Gen Z male culture through music.

The campaign will be deployed across TV, out-of-home, audio, social, digital, and owned channels over the coming months.

FORWARD will enhance the PR aspect by amplifying the brand’s new collection via earned media and influencer channels.

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