Luma's 'Her Board' to help women experiencing domestic violence via VML

24 May 2024

Creative Agency: VML

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A sponsorship based fundraising initiative.

One woman loses her life to domestic violence every week in Australia, and one in four faces abuse from their intimate partner.

Luma, a not-for-profit organization in Australia dedicated to women's health and wellbeing, has launched a new sponsorship based fundraising initiative, HER Board.

The initiative is primarily designed to encourage support and empower women facing domestic violence.

A $99 per month donation over a 12 month ‘board’ term invites individuals or corporate members to empower a woman to change her situation.

Donations go towards essential services such as relocation, counselling, transport, legal aid, security, healthcare, employment assistance, and childcare.

HER Board offers women choices, with those supported deciding which services they want to utilize with donations received, giving the power of choice, and surrounding women with the support they need.

Luma CEO Felicite Black said HER Board was created for women to start to give them power back, and break the victim-and-saviour approach to family and domestic violence funding that only operates in crisis.

"With decades of experience working with women, Luma are well placed to provide the wrap-around services required to avoid tragedy and trauma," she said.

“A woman experiencing domestic violence loses her connections, voice, confidence and strength. Bit by bit, she loses her power. To move on, she needs to find that power again and HER Board is an essential service that will help in giving her power back.”

Luma deputy chair Melanie Wiese said the organisation styled this effort up as a Board to generate attention and support from the professional sector, focusing on LinkedIn as a fundraising channel.

"We’re appealing to executives in Australia to sponsor a woman through fixed-term tenure funding, with all an individual board members’ funds flowing to one woman. We hope our members proudly share our progress and nominate their network to join."

The film assets created to support the launch were shot by a predominantly female team, brought together and led by Perth director Melle Branson.

"When I read these harrowing and uncomfortably real scripts, they resonated in ways that were confronting to face as a survivor of abuse. Yet, I know that mine is not an uncommon experience, so I was all in in supporting the HER Board initiative," Branson said.

"My priority was to build a predominantly female identifying crew for this project, because I firmly believe that women should be telling women’s stories. Everyone involved in this project brought their absolute best in executing this poignant idea - from the highly nuanced sets, meticulous sound design, restrained music composition and the compelling voice performance.”

The website, online video and other media touch points all launch during Domestic Violence Prevention Month. HER Board has already gained support from influential female leaders like Rose Herceg, Katie Rigg-Smith. It's committed to helping even more women in need throughout 2024 and beyond.


Client - Luma

CEO - Felicite Black

Chief Operating Officer – Huyen Tran

Executive Manager Finance & Contract Management - Sofia Erhard

Brand & Marketing Officer - Sarah Allen

Fundraising & Events Specialist - Georgina Westgarth


Agency - VML Perth

Chief Strategy Officer - Melanie Wiese

Account Manager - Emily Hooper

National Executive Creative Director - Stu Turner

Creative Lead - Paula Keamy

Creative Lead - Tim Newton

Creative - Brendan Morrow

Creative - Meg Watson

Design Director - Melissa Radman

Designer - Jade Koch

Head of Creative Technology - Travis Weerts

Experience Strategist - Katie Dunn

UX Designer - Jessica Murray

Account Director - Eleanor Henry


Director/Producer: Melle Branson

DOP: Tim Fitzgerald

1AD: Charmaine Murray

1AC: Apurva Gupta

2AC: Isabella De Marte

Gaffer: Jocelyn Richards

Key Grip: Carmel Fox

Grip: Clint Lawrence

Art Dept Assist: Bailey Day

Art Dept Assist: Chantelle Lucas

Photographer: Natasja Kremers

Post Production: Manimal Post

Offline Edit & Grade: Denzil Heeger

Online: Ryan Brett

Post Producer: Hannah Byrnand

Post Sound Studio: Cue Sound

Sound Design & Mix: Lucy Torvaldsen

Sound Producer: Anika Fourie

Composition: Olivia Davies

VO: Portia Rose

Camera Equipment: Raz Studios

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