Koala's cheekily apologises to Ikea with open letter billboard

20 November 2018

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Koala.com has done it again with a cheeky poke at Ikea, temporarily posting a second billboard in front of its first ‘NOFNIDEA’ sign.

Koala placed a responsive billboard after gaining some negative feedback after their dig on Ikea's billboard claiming that they had easy furniture to assemble.

The open letter-style billboard read: "Dear Ikea, we feel bad about the billboard (we’ve never had so much hate mail, good thing we can’t read Swedish). Please accept $100 off our mattress, with code ‘SORRYIKEA’."

Created by Koala's in-house team, the ad aligns with Koala's cheeky style of advertising that light-heartedly mocks other ad campaigns around Australia.

Koala’s cheeky billboards first captured Australians' attention last year when it launched a spoof campaign of the infamous De Rucci campaigns posted around Sydney airport.

Founded by childhood friends Mitchell Taylor (30) and Dany Milham (27), the online retailer has gone from selling just mattresses to now furniture aimed at young Australian renters.

Its annual turnover last year was $45 million, following the brand’s expansion into Asia. It’s had several investor rounds, raising $15 million last January. Former Australian test cricket captain Steve Smith is also an investor.

AdNews interviewed Koala marketer Tim Doyle earlier this year - you can read the interview here.

koala-v-ikea.jpgThe first billboard posted by Koala

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