Kinsman's 'The Distracted Pet Camera' via The Idea Shed

18 September 2023

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The campaign premiered during The Block, with the first air date scheduled during master bedroom/walk-in wardrobe week.

Independent creative commerce agency, The Idea Shed, has launched its first TV campaign for Kinsman after the acquisition of the Kinsman account in June 2023.

As The Block embarks on its 19th season, Kinsman is on a mission to harness its substantial media investment and long-standing sponsorship with the show to infuse fresh creativity into its brand presence, igniting a resurgence in brand awareness.

The Idea Shed's campaign for Kinsman is born from a deep understanding of the brand's essence and its target audience - home renovators. The key insight driving this campaign is the realisation that while shows like The Block allow people to dream about home renovations, for most, these dreams often seem unattainable. 

The creative concept needed to be agile, serving a dual purpose: promoting the Kinsman brand and dynamically showcasing ever-changing retail offers. This approach consistently resonates with home renovators, underscoring that with Kinsman, their renovation dreams are indeed within reach.

Enter “The Distracted Pet Camera.” This new campaign introduces a charming and affable character - the humble pet camera.

This little camera's primary job is to keep a vigilant eye on the family dog when the owners are away. However, it can't resist being drawn to the allure of the newly upgraded Kinsman kitchen, wardrobe, and laundry spaces throughout the home.

The campaign breathes life into this pet camera character, portraying it as a curious and personable entity that gracefully roams through the home. This creative approach provides an engaging avenue to showcase the quality and craftsmanship of Kinsman products.

The campaign premiered during The Block, with the first air date scheduled during master bedroom/walk-in wardrobe week, coinciding with kitchen week – two of Kinsman's pivotal weeks during The Block. The creative will extend into print and digital channels imminently. 

Tracy Smedley, chief growth officer at Kinsman, said the company's partnership with The Block is paramount, and The Idea Shed's (TIS) latest work has surpassed its expectations.

"In an oversaturated market, where consumers are bombarded with category-specific messages, The Idea Shed tackled a demanding brief head-on, delivering a standout campaign within tight time and budget constraints," she said.

"We're confident the creative will cut through and convert effectively, cementing the growth of our partnership with TIS.”

Steve Madgwick, group creative director at The Idea Shed, said securing consumer attention in advertising is often an uphill climb, and when you layer that complexity onto one of television's largest sponsorship stages, you've got a true test.

"'The Distracted Pet Camera' campaign for Kinsman is our creative 'roar' to stand out," he said.

"This campaign reflects our dedication to generating creativity that converts, and we're confident our little pet camera will capture the hearts of consumers and make the most of The Block partnership for the Kinsman Brand."



Agency Team:

John Volckman – Partner / ECD
Richie Strettell – Partner
Steve Madgwick – Group Creative Director
Mike Avery – Creative Director
Adrian Moore – Head of Experience
Emily Seay – Creative Strategist
Leyla Muratovic – Senior Designer
Julian Ansell – Copywriter
Eleisha Kubale – Junior Designer
Laura Shalders – Senior Account Director
Gemma Vallance – Account Manager

Agency Partners:

Chronicle Studios – Production Agency
Dale Bennetto – Head of Production
Kate Turner – Creative Producer
Simon Robson – Director
Adam Howden – Director of Photography
Simon Kirk - Photographer
Dave Kelly – Post-Production Executive Producer
The Cactus Stone Co – Post Production
Florence Orban - Social Media Post Production 
Ran Run Studio – Music/Audio Production 


Client Team:

Tracy Smedley – Chief Growth Officer  
Carla Madgwick – Head of Marketing 

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