Karicare Toddler partners with Anne Geddes to 'Feed the Real' via CHEP

11 July 2022

Creative Agency: CHEP Network

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Demonstrating that real parenting moments are just as perfect as what we see on social media.

Karicare Toddler and Australian photographer Anne Geddes have partnered to release, Feed the Real, a campaign that aims to address the pressure that Australian parents feel to be picture-perfect.

Developed in partnership with CHEP Network, the campaign sees Anne reimagine her photography style to support parents by demonstrating that real parenting moments are just as perfect as the stylised version we see on social media.

Instead of imagery of perfectly calm and peaceful children that was behind Anne’s rise to fame, the campaign showcases children at their messy, honest and chaotic best - throwing tantrums, ‘rearranging’ the set and more - all against Anne’s ethereal style.

The Feed the Real campaign is supported by research that found that almost all (96 per cent) of Australian parents believe there is pressure on them to be perfect, with social media proving to be a key contributor to that pressure, with more than three-quarters  believing social platforms contribute to the pressure they feel, while three out of five often feel bad after seeing "perfect" images of other families on social media.

Geddes said: "My journey as a baby photographer began before the rapid growth of social media and the ubiquitous sharing of our lives online. Nowadays, I see new parents comparing themselves to the overly perfect and Insta-friendly images and videos that appear in social media."

Karicare Toddler’s head of marketing, Ximena Ramirez-Arango, said: “Parenting is hard and it’s clear that social media is adding to the pressure we all feel. But parenting is also amazing and rewarding, so at Karicare Toddler, we want to celebrate real parenting with both its highs and lows and help ease some of the pressure that parents are experiencing."

CHEP Network executive creative director, Justin Ruben, said: “This has been a wonderful opportunity to work with the Karicare Toddler team and an icon like Anne Geddes to help change the way parents think about what they see on social media and how they can make a positive change by simply embracing all the crazy and wonderful moments that parenting brings, rather than worrying about having to present a picture of perfection."

The campaign imagery and content rolls out across digital, social, OOH, influencers, PR, in addition to a film featuring Anne on-set that talks to the perfection that we can and should see in the real parenting moments we all experience each day.


Client: Danone - Karicare Toddler

Head of Marketing - Core Milks and Kids ANZ: Ximena Ramirez-Arango

Brand Manager - Karicare Toddler: Rachel Wakefield

Creative, Media & PR: CHEP Network

Production Company: Blonde + Co

Photographer: Anne Geddes

Agent: Blonde Artists

Executive Producers: Aida Angotti & Ann Lawlor

Producer: Natalia Loff

Production Assistant: Jessica Holguin

Photo Assistant: Angelos Rompolis

DIT: Mike Webb

Cinematographer: Rhadames Julian

Sound: Matteo Liberatore

BTS Photographer: Ann Lawlor

Wardrobe Stylist: Jen Daniels

Set & Costume Designer: Dawn McGowan

Casting Director: Jym Benzing

Nurse: Mika Petradellis

Location: Blonde Studios, NYC



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