IKEA's 'Do try this at home' with Ingka via McCann Worldgroup

8 April 2024

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The first time that one brand campaign has launched across all 31 Ingka markets, worldwide.

IKEA Australia has launched a brand campaign titled ‘Do try this at home’ from Ingka Group, the largest IKEA franchisee.

Airing across Australia from April 7 for 25 weeks, it is the first time that one brand campaign has launched across all 31 Ingka markets, worldwide.

Shot in Madrid, Spain, Ingka Group co-created the campaign with McCann Worldgroup. It aims to show people that with IKEA, home can be an affordable driver of happiness, even amidst the cost-of-living crisis.

Ingka Group growth & marketing manager Licca Li said at IKEA, the company believes that home should be a place that can empower and enable people to do anything.

“Do Try This at Home, brings a bit of rebellious spirit and allows us to inspire people to view home in a different light – to see it as a driver of happiness without it being connected to increasing costs," said Li.

The campaign comes at a time when IKEA Australia has committed to investing $125 million to lower the prices of more than 3,000 items over the past 12 months, including some of its most popular and in-demand products, passing on savings of up to 20% to customers.

The campaign shows how IKEA supports people to create better homes where they can delve deep into their passions, even when they are facing tough economic conditions.

IKEA Australia head of marketing communications Erin Falconer said for more than 80 years, IKEA has been a home furnishing rebel, helping people to break the rules and constantly look for new ways to create better homes.

"Our affordable, quality and functional products offer endless possibilities for people to create homes that bring excitement to everyday life, even when times are tough," she said.

In a global collaboration effort, the IKEA Spain Home Furnishing and Retail Design team led the direction for the room settings seen in the campaign which reflect real homes of people around the world.

The campaign is also based on real research about life at home around the world from the IKEA Life at Home Report. For Australia, it revealed that 43% of people say their household finances and disposable income are a top concern, while 38% are concerned for the current state of the economy.  

Despite this, Australians are still choosing to enjoy the things they love, even if that means cutting back on essentials, shown in an 8.6% increase on home entertainment spending year-on-year. (CommBank iQ Cost of Living Insights Report Nov 2023).

Different taglines are used to encourage people to try new things within the comfort of their home with calls to action like ‘Do try setting new trends at home’, ‘Do try mischief at home’, and ’Do trying showing off at home’.

The campaign was directed by Swedish director Filip Nilsson, who has also directed music videos for artists like Major Lazer, Justice and Swedish musician Håkan Hellström.

Director of photography Jakob Ihre led charge of the film’s look both artistically and technically. The campaign features the song ’Come On!’ by Swedish band, The Hives.

Australians can view the campaign across TV, outdoor, social media and online channels, including the IKEA website, with cinema launching from June.

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