Holland America Line's 'Time Of Your Life' via Taste Creative

2 July 2024

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Inspired by a letter from a past guest.

Creative production agency Taste Creative has unveiled its latest collaboration with Holland America Line.

Together with writer and director Genevieve Clay-Smith and the team at Taste Creative, they have brought to life a new brand campaign that invites guests to embark on journeys and create memories with Holland America Line.

Inspiration for this campaign was sparked by a letter from a past guest to Holland America Line, expressing their countless voyages and the experiences they had onboard.

Taste Creative's Clay-Smith Taste translated this storytelling into a narrative centered around Roger, a dedicated Holland America Line guest.

Roger, together with his family, celebrates a milestone birthday onboard his latest cruise, creating memories and forging connections.

Through Roger's poem, written during the voyage, viewers are transported on a journey that encapsulates the joys of the onboard experience, the stunning beauty of destinations, and the special moments that make each trip truly extraordinary.

“Taste has excelled in capturing the essence of the Holland America brand through their fantastic work on this campaign. Their mastery of storytelling and exceptional production skills have resulted in a beautifully crafted campaign,” Holland America’s senior marketing manager Hannah Baynes said.

Taste produced a collection of assets including a two-minute brand film, TV commercials, an online content series, audio commercial, and an image library by David Swift.

The media campaign, planned by This is Flow, will be showcased across television, cinemas, digital platforms, and podcasts.

Clay-Smith said the agency was honoured to collaborate with Holland America Line on this brand campaign.

"Through our campaign, we aim to transport viewers into the world of Holland America Line, inspiring them to embark on their own unforgettable journeys," she said.


Producer – Henry Smith
Writer & Director – Genevieve Clay-Smith
Producer & Account Director – Narelle Riley
DOP – Kent Marcus
Sound Recordist – Marty Demian
Photographer – David Swift
Editor – Kris Rowe
Composer – Jonny Higgins
Colourist – Angela Cerasi

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