Hamish and Andy bring Hubbl to life via JOY

11 March 2024

Creative Agency: JOY

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Because it's harder than ever to navigate, organise and manage entertainment.

Foxtel Group has unveiled a campaign to support the launch of the new entertainment technology Hubbl. 

Devised by integrated independent agency JOY, the campaign aims to meet Foxtel Group’s big vision: to make TV and streaming easy again with a Hubbl in every Australian home. 

Hubbl technology solves for the fragmented, complicated, disjointed nature of streaming and live TV. With so many apps, so many options, and so much content, it’s harder than ever to navigate, organise and manage entertainment.

Executive director – Hubbl, Dani Simpson, said it just isn’t that easy to be entertained any more – switching in and out of apps, moving from free-to-air to streaming and back again, managing watchlists across multiple platforms and trying to discover and retrieve content.

"Hubbl simplifies all this by fusing all your apps and free TV into one platform, a seamless, easyexperience that re-simplifies the entertainment experience. We wanted a campaign that reflected the nature of the product – focused on the consumer and making life easier," said Simpson. 

The creative features comedian Hamish Blake dressed as a giant Hubbl helping to make Andy’s entertainment experience less stressful and more successful.

The campaign will run across major networks, with digital, out-of-home and social executions also supporting the campaign. 

Andrew Wynne, principal of JOY, said Hubbl is a piece of tech that belongs in every home, so the agency opted for a duo most Australians know and love.

"Hamish and Andy – or in this case, Hubbl and Andy. As talent, Hubbl and Andy bring the many features and benefits of the system to life in simple, connective ways," he said.

"They are great at showing how the technology solves for real-life entertainment problems and frustrations, quickly and easily; making it all feel as fun and entertaining as it should be."

Libby Young, creative director at JOY, said creatively, the agency wanted to showcase the simplicity and ease of Hubbl in a way that would connect with consumers Australia wide.

"Enter entertainment’s new favourite besties, Hubbl & Andy. Over a series of spots, we watch as Hubbl continues to revolutionise Andy’s entertainment experience, one new feature at a time," said Young.

“A hugely exciting campaign to be a part of, one that will no doubt get Everybody Hubblin’. We certainly are."

JOY won the business in a competitive pitch against three agencies and will continue to work with the Hubbl team on an ongoing basis post-launch.



Client: Foxtel Group

Dani Simpson                   Executive Director - Hubbl

Clementine Churchill        Head of Brand & Product Marketing

Monique Lieser                Snr Marketing Manager, Brand & Marketing Comms.

Georgia Wilson                Snr Marketing Manager, Acquisition and Retail - Hubbl

Erin Hoffman                    Creative Director, Design

Oz Cekic                          Integrated Producer


Agency: JOY

Principal:                        Andrew Wynne

Creative Director:           Libby Young

Creatives:                       Malcolm Caldwell & Ian Broekhuizen

Production Director:       Amar Narula

Account Director:           Antoinette Olivieri


Production Company:  Scoundrel

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