Girls, the couch can wait

2 March 2016

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The campaign has been inspired by Sport England's successful 'This Girl Can' initiative which has already encouraged nearly three million women to be more active.

The federal government has launched a major campaign encouraging young women to get moving after research revealed they do not exercise as much as young men.

The ‘Girls, make your move’ campaign features real girls being active through a number of sports like soccer, surfing and hockey. The text reads, “The couch can wait.”

The government aims to encourage sport and physical activity to be a natural part of young women's lives - enjoyed, not endured.

With text like “Snapchat this” and “Sweat now, be sweet later”, the campaign creative materials primarily target young women aged 15-18.

The campaign supports the Australian Sports Commission's ‘Play.Sport.Australia’ strategy which promotes participation in sport with a focus on young people.

The spot responds to the research finding young Australian women don't feel they can be physically active. They face a number of additional barriers not experienced by young men. Girls don't want to be judged or ridiculed. They can be self-conscious about how they might look during and after exercising.

Brands including Weight Watchers and Kellogg have taken a similar stance recently with ads that aim to empower women, using positive messages to target their audience.

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