Garnier's ‘PLANT A CORAL’ via Hotglue

15 November 2023

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In partnership with Coles and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

For the months of October and November 2023, Coles customers were invited to make a real difference to the health and future of The Great Barrier Reef.

For every product purchased at Coles, in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Garnier will plant a baby coral - helping to restore damaged coral reefs by dispersing 500,000 baby corals onto affected areas on the reef this year.

The campaign exemplifies the power of storytelling by merging purpose with content.

Hotglue’s cameras captured Garnier’s key Ambassador Brooke Blurton’s first-hand experience as she visited the reef. Blurton, Garnier and Hotglue met and interviewed stakeholders, leading scientists and Traditional Owner representatives and learned that all is not lost and individuals can make a difference.

To conclude the trip the agency captured images of healthy parts of the reef, teaming with underwater life.

The integrated campaign consists of 27 video outputs, OOH and point-of-sale advertising that prompted customers to learn and engage with the PLANT A CORAL campaign. 

The social media team also helped promote the content on Garnier’s Instagram account, producing stories and reels to recap the trip to the Reef.

Matt Hearn, co-Founder of Hotglue, said it was a privilege to capture The Great Barrier Reef Foundation's dedication to this vital ecosystem.

"Their work is crucial to battle the impact of climate change and its threat to our ocean," he said.

Margot Andersen of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation said the campaign had soul and cut through.

“Being able to tell compelling stories of impact is critical to ensuring that Australians don’t lose hope in the future for the Great Barrier Reef," she said.

Alex Bachem, marketing director of Garnier Australia & New Zealand, said this campaign wouldn’t have been possible without Hearn and his team at Hotglue.

"The passion and hard work they poured into this project has been incredible, so we couldn’t have asked for a better partner! Hotglue’s passion and deep commitment to protecting the Great Barrier Reef shone through, from the first pitch video to the final product," said Bachem.




Alex Bachem -  Marketing Director of Garnier Australia & New Zealand

Bianca Cowie - Brand Engagement Manager



Margot Anderson - Head of External Relations

Lou Gardiner - Director of Corporate Partnerships

Anna Marsden - Manager Director 

Jane Adcroft - Science Communicator & PRAP Communications Lead




Creative Direction

Matt Hearn

James Westland


Creative Producers

Matt Hearn

Chavvah Stuart



Matt Hearn

Damian McLindon


Cameras & Sound

Scott Mulgrew

James Westland

Damian McLindon



James Westland


Production Manager 

Jessica Rattey


Social Content Producer & Editor

Penelope Costan


Underwater filmed and supplied by

Ben Andryc


Still Photographer 

Fiona Ayers


Campaign main image

Queensland Museum, Gary Cranitch.





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